Royal Blood - Trouble's Coming in the Live Lounge

Published 2023-10-11
Royal Blood perform Trouble's Coming in the Live Lounge

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All Comments (15)
  • @onmas909
    These guys are always badass! Can't wait to see them live in November :)
  • @r0t8n
    Easy to see how technical Mike is on that bass in this video. 👌 Saw them live last month and they were impressive as ever!
  • @kiplavin
    Как же здесь в тему синтезатор! Просто кайф!
  • @Alex20741
    Hoping they may do a concert in Oxford. I think there maybe a good enough venue in the area.
  • @user-oo8tf4wo2y
    👍🏻🫶❤️💕❤️💕❤️Вау.Классно,великолепно и просто супер.
  • @FuriousFire898
    Not my personal favourite but it is obvious that’s it would be the top
  • @cfcdaviddcfc
    is it just me or is there zero low end (bass) here?