Killer Bean Is An Animated Masterpiece

Published 2019-06-04
This is the greatest bean animation of All Time

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  • shammy keyz
    I just love how the town has absolutely no citizens, just gangsters, a secret shadow agency and a mediocre police force 😭
  • Guy Man
    Jeff unironically understands how bullets work better than Hollywood. He knows where to separate the actual projectile and the casing in both close ups and after firing. Aside from shooting one round with another to cause it to fire
  • Yeetosis
    It’s actually amazing how unironically badass this movie is
  • 15 seconds in, and I'm immediately laughing my ass off.
    "I'm getting served, Jesus christ"
    "Is this one of the m&ms?, is this a commercial?"
    "Some fat cheeks right there"

    three sentences that made me love Charlie.
  • bob
    charlie has the special skill of sounding like he knows what he's talking about without knowing jack shit
  • kermit
    people are shitposting about the quality of this but the cinematography and animation is unironically really good in a lot of places
  • Can’t believe the creator actually saw this and cast Charlie for the next part of the series
  • Ryker362
    its impossible to suspend my disbelief watching this because of how absurd the circumstances are in the movie but thats honestly fine because i dont think you’re supposed to
    i think its just a nice thing to watch just because the action is just genuinely fun, its not meant to be taken seriously like big budget movies
  • 7:20 This sequence is seriously one of the best use of facial emotion in animation. You can actually see the moment his heart breaks.
  • CrapZackGames
    "It's like unironically cool." Something everyone can agree on. This choreography is unreal, and to think a single person did all this.
  • Slothimation
    the fact that Charlie plays a fucking Redditor in the short series is just the cherry on top of this whole thing, and I love it
  • Matthew Knasel
    I legitimately love killer bean and im glad its getting recognized. The cheesy one-liners, the kick ass matrix/john wick/anime fights, the poor yet also high production quality. I absolutely love it.
  • bedhead
    "does he sign his shell casings? i, hubert, did this"
    "...oh he does"

  • Lemono Sharky
    jeff literally did the vfx of the matrix, x-men and tron
  • SpiralPoli
    Honestly I respect Jeff a lot. This has been his baby since the 90s and he's so dedicated to it. He never gave up on his dream which is so admirable.
  • Ben Neeley
    I like how he goes from making fun of it like usual to literally worshiping it
  • The Fool
    This was my introduction to Charlie's vids. I'm glad I started here.