CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: "Life is Great" by Lightberg Studios | CGMeetup

Published 2022-02-17
CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Life is Great Animated Short Film by Lightberg Studios. Featured on CGMeetup Gallery

Written and Directed by Ferdaus Mohtasebzada at Lightberg Studios

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: "Life is Great" by Lightberg Studios | CGMeetup
   • CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: "Life ...  


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All Comments (21)
  • It's so beautiful of the daughter to console her mom!!
    Really heart touching 😍
  • @VictorX80_
    This deserves an Oscar nomination for best animated short.😭❤
  • The little girl is like a combination of Boo from Monster’s Inc and Agnes from Despicable Me:)
  • I am so emotionally touched by this short but deep and meaningful movie. We all are human beings no matter where we live and where we come from and as such, deep in our hearts, we know the good values of life. Thank you!
  • @mayurgawai171
    I can't stop crying, after watched this, I was lost my father 5 years before, 😭
    The story is really great, I love it
  • @-jeff-
    You know it's good when the CGI vanishes and the story line takes over! Great work!
  • I lost my dad 4 years ago. I'm only 14. This short really touched me, I remember being so young and had no idea of what was going on. I had to help my mom and my siblings after thru this whole time. We had to move, and it really hurt. Like undescribable pain to loose him.❤
  • @n19ntendods
    This might sound weird, but the little girl’s like the perfect melding of Boo from Monsters, Inc and Agnes from Despicable Me! 👧🧸🦄😂😂😂
  • @kdryrngl
    Lovely animated and truly inspiring! With change of perspective comes change of life :)
  • Hace 21 años qué murió mi Padre...y a veces siento qué fue ayer...lo extraño tanto...y ahora hece 11 meses qué murió mi sentí reflejada en la niña...y no dejé de llorar...éste vídeo dice mucho de lo qué siento ahora...
  • the little girl after her father's death tries in every way to cheer up her mother the daughter is like an angel who came down to cheer her up
  • I can totally relate as I helped my mum overcome lots of sadnness in her life...very beautiful, I loved this film!!💟🥰
  • @milahancock6405
    I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. I lost my mom due to her having stage 4 cancer back in 2020. I teared up a bit at the end
  • @justjay926
    Thankyou to all involved in this beaitiful piece of Art 👏👏💜
  • @Bethi4WFH
    Many thanks to the creators of this very moving video………much respect, from England.
  • @asmil04
    Heart touching story with mix of realities 💐
  • To whoever made this it’s so beautiful! Today, May 28th 2022 is the 13th anniversaries of my husband’s death. It’s been a hard day, but this is so beautiful and relatable.