Josh Allen: From Signing Day to Draft Day

Published 2018-04-29
Relive the Josh Allen era at Wyoming as he goes from an unheralded junior college transfer to the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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  • The last thing he says in reference to the Bills, “I’m gonna make them look like the smartest people out there”

    That aged like a fine wine didn’t it.
  • fuk it
    He was held back in high school, college and now finally he’s being surrounded with weapons to develop
  • GOBILLS716
    “This guy will evolve.. I think you’re gonna have a big time player!”
  • Oliver MOLINa
    3 years later he gave the bills their first playoff win since Jim kelly 95’
  • This guy is the perfect fit for Buffalo NY. He embodies the city and its people. He is magical.
  • chaotic/Silence
    He won huge games and beat some big schools now he's in the NFL and has proved his worth so far. Firing that Gun under some huge pressure. For the Love of God Josh....stay healthy man
  • MoonZbae
    Let's go Allen thanks for bringing us to the playoffs
  • Not a Bills fan but it’s always great to see a QB from a Non Power 5 Conference (especially the Mountain West as I’m an SDSU fan) light it up in the NFL, so I have much respect for Josh Allen and I honestly hope he gets a ring this year
  • Brewzor
    This video aged very well. Proud of a fellow Alumni!
  • Djnickryan
    I cried when this happened because I thought I was upset the Bills picked the “wrong” Josh. I now have 3 Allen jerseys and BOY was I wrong. The things Josh has done for this community 😭
  • Drew
    Am I the only one who got this recommended while he’s a mvp caliber player and led the bills to 13-3
  • Richard Page
    It all just worked out perfect for the Bill's on how they got him drafted at 7. I knew Mayfield would get hyped up like crazy and go first overall and Darnold would be next taken by the Jets. I was just hoping it would work out the way it did and I think Buffalo final got a star QB.
  • John Doe
    Thanks so much for producing this video WYO-VISION. Josh is at the beginning of a HOF career, God willing. Go Bills !!!!
  • Great video, shows how he is really special. Worked his tail off to get where he is. Love this dude. He brought life bk to buffalo. Coming from a fan since 91'
  • Chip Marks
    6:54 is what it's all about when you play football in Western NY. This kid is a true gift, we are ecstatic to have him Buffalo! Go Bills!
  • Super swag
    He wasn’t wrong when he said he’s gonna make the bills organization feel like the smartest people out there cause this regular season he was a top 5 quarterback
  • Chairman Meow
    I love that he'd been overlooked and passed over his entire career and dude just kept pushing forward