The Most Dramatic Moments from the Natural World | BBC Earth

Published 2022-07-26
From outnumbered lions to death defying impalas, the natural world isn't short of tense moments...




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All Comments (21)
  • Can we take a minute to appreciate David Attenborough, his voice, and his contribution to wildlife. We won't have him forever. ❤
  • Luke King
    The fear in that lions face then the affection after being saved was incredible
  • Wendie
    Loved how that mama buffalo fought off a pack of wolves, saved her child, and even picked up someone else's kid before breaking out. That's some superhero level battle moves.
  • Mr.Scootini
    I’m always bewildered on how these guys capture such incredible and interesting situations.
  • Globalist Juice
    I'd like to give recognition to the videographers who with stealth while mastering the intricacies of their equipment, captured these and many other incredible moments of nature!👍
  • David Gordon
    That is awesome how Tati saved Red from an almost certain mauling by the pesky hyenas. The bonds formed by packs of lions ( as well as other pack animals, is one of a kind ).
  • James McFarland
    Dude, the lion coming to rescue his homie and the way he showed appreciation was awesome.
  • Pyretta Blaze
    Such a beautiful moment when that other lion came in to help his cousin from being mauled alive! To see them cuddle and bond~Truly Amazing footage with a heartwarming ending.❤
  • Never mind the incredible wildlife action, to be able to film it all in such a way that you feel part of the action, so close by that you forget someone was actually there to shoot this!? Amazing, thank you!
    mad props to the team that filmed and produced these fantastic documentaries what a spectacular capture of wildlife. this production team needs an award.
  • Steven Pristoop
    David Attenborough will forever be the greatest narrator of all time!!!
  • I love how lions show affection to family and friends. It’s the opposite of their predator side. Same with wild dogs too!
  • I cant stop thinking of how extremely difficult it is to record these moments in real time... the camera work is exquisite!
  • Pontificate Rebal
    Red, fighting off the hyenas, then being saved by his bro, was the most magnificent piece of footage. Amazing!
  • Alana Tolstad
    There aren't enough praise-ful words for those amazing wildlife!
  • binky tube
    I feel sated to have watched all of these episodes. The iguana/snakes episode has to be the most amazing footage ever caught! Thank you for this compilation, BBC.
  • Hans Bass
    Im so proud of the mother buffalo and her calf escaping ,little calf so smart and charming,mother so brave and protective even protecting another found calf.
  • Tony G
    I never get sick of watching that lion save his cousin from those hyenas.
  • No One Star
    Amazing that the videographers were able to capture such incredibly intimate, visually "telling" shots. Understanding the dilemma and "story" to what they capture is pretty important, too. Obviously.
  • Dan Mimis
    That iguana vs snakes thing is -- if no CGI or otherwise doctored images involved -- one of the most dramatic survival scene ever recorded. Kudos to BBC❗