Everyone recognizes this TIKTOK song in my college cafeteria

Published 2022-12-27

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  • @Lyraa357
    I noticed a few people turning so one ear was gathering in your playing and the other attempting to hear conversations with table mates. I would have just turned the chair around and been your audience. Its always a treat to listen. Thank you
  • @twee.2807
    These students are lucky to hear live music free
  • @hannaboba7965
    What a good idea to have a piano in the canteen.. many places would be worried that the piano would get food spilt on it etc, but it encourages students to perform!
  • @mowgli201
    If he just would have waited a few seconds before he started another song I bet he would have gotten a huge round of applause.
  • So yeah, Andy, my 15 yo son is completely impressed with your skills (and I am too!) 😊 You’re motivating him to practice more so he can “get the girls” 😂
  • So glad I found you, your music is beautiful and it all makes me cry happy tears, Andy I wish you best in everything you do, thank you for letting the world see your beautiful gift xx
  • Music is such a soul tingling experience. No matter where you are or what you're doing, once we hear it something changes and our senses are ignited. Music is FANFRIGGINTASTIC.
  • @kshen7485
    Your music makes our lives much more inspiring and beautiful! Thanks
  • @yuma8426
    There's a piano in one of the dining halls of my college, there's almost always someone playing piano. This one guy in particular plays beautiful classical music and he does it really well. It is such a blessing to be able to listen every day.
  • @takasu9246
    It's so good to see that people put all things away and just watch someone playing beautiful.
  • @luantran4953
    Putting it on repeat now ❤ keep up the great work
  • Still amazed each time I hear you. You are totally awesome
  • That was just beautiful. I'm going to listen all day. It was so relaxing. Thank you 😊
  • @GinBreadMan68
    People who have these musical talents should be praised
  • @mengsRS
    It's a treat for me when I heard musical instruments playing in the public places.
  • It's amazing to me how you can focus and concentrate on your playing with so much commotion and noise in the background!