Faith | a short film

Published 2011-08-19
2 Corinthians 5:7 says "we walk by faith, not by sight"

here is a cartoony short film that reflects on that specific scripture. The ending is open for interpretation, but we want it to be a silly fun film.

Written by Ehren Tacdiran
Directed by Eugene 'X' Ramos

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  • @christyj24
    This reminds me of my recent past.  I was drunk, in debt, didn't care, hadn't graduated, hated day I fell to my knees in my driveway and said "God, I can't do this life any more!!  If you are really there, I NEED YOUR HELP."   was drawn to pick up my Bible and read it. I am here today, 5 years later - Graduated, sober, out of debt,  in love with my Creator and His Son Jesus Christ, a wonderful husband of 4 years, a good job with great benefits, I am forgiven and FREE!!!!  Glory to God forever!!  He saved a miserable wretch like me!!!!  and what melts my heart is that my granddaughter's name is GRACE!!!  Yes - I have been saved by God's AMAZING GRACE!!!
  • @ketodummies7698
    My testimony In 2011, I got a blood related skin disease that messed up my life for 9 months. I would have stripe like scars from head to toe that become triggered when they come into contact with anything. Couldn't even keep my clothes on and even suffered so bad down there. I was itching from head to toe 24/7. The last doctor I went to gave me some medicine and asked me to only take it for 2 weeks. He said if it doesn't go away by then I'll have to take injections daily etc. The itching would come back the next second when I tried not to take the meds after 2 weeks. So I kept taking it for a week or so more. Then I got sick of it one day and literally knelt down and screamed my heart to the lord. I cried so bad and confessed every sin I was able to remember. I said lord I know you can heal me so im going to throw these meds away now. You know how much I will suffer if I dont take them but if it's your will, then so be it. All I ask is that you give me the strength to deal with it until you heal me. In jesus name. I threw the meds and went to bed. I couldn't feel my scars and how they usually get triggered when my body touches the bed sheets. I kept feeling my self all over. It's been 8 years since he freed me from that torment. That was one of the many miracles the lord has done in my life. Praise the lord. If you believe and ask for his will, you will receive.
  • @kriszna882
    I love it when he broke his glasses, couldnt find it ,for some time, and later is reading the book without them !!! great! God fixed your eyes
  • @FloTelip
    Jesus said : "If you ask something in my name, I will do it." Jean 14 14 ❤️
  • IMO the glasses don't represent bad eye sight. It is the way he looked at life. That's why he was so lost when it got crushed (Also explains why he could read the bible without them). When he started walking by faith, no one could take that away from him. In the end, when he lived through the eyes of faith, he found happiness.
  • I live alone, I have a poodle, my bills are overdue, I have a bicycle, I live in a rented house and my rent is overdue too. I hope my life can have a happy ending too.
  • @pipersmommy344
    I used this film for our homeschool lesson on faith. I am literally in tears...This was beautifully made. It touched our hearts. Thank you.
  • @smaris3978
    If you’re reading this, Jesus loves you so much! Never forget it 🙏🏻❤️
  • @mystro-zf5jn
    It's so sad to see negative comments about a positive film. No matter how hard you try to stop God's love.....he will always get the glory.
  • @RoxStar09
    That made me cry. I love seeing how God works in others' lives because He does exist, and always has. The message was brilliant, always have faith during every hour of the day because you know that He will always be listening, and will answer your prayers in His perfect manner.
  • @lyssweet2979
    God always have His time just pray believe and wait until you see the miracle ✌
  • @adityasng
    yes God can use dog even to fulfill his will. He can use a small thing even.
  • @ikatriney
    made me cry! God is really good. He has always a better plan. He always make a way even though you think there is no way.
  • @bhdarmy1789
    they say God works in mysterious ways how beautiful this story was
  • @corrinel9531
    Thank you for making this. I watched this at the perfect timing. It made me remember how God is here and will help those in need.
  • @gemugaming
    10 years 9 months and 21 days later I'm back to watch this masterpiece
  • @hus-5276
    "We walk by faith, not by sight" 5:49 the best moment in the video :)
  • @yanaghosh7460
    yes , thats true GOD answers all our PRAYERS. AMEN!!!
  • @pjbottoms839
    Rip glasses. I cried when I thought he would never be able to see the dog ever again. But instead they got married and the dog became part of a bigger family with him in it! God bless!