The FTX Disaster is Deeper Than you Think

Published 2022-11-16
In this episode we take a deep dive into Sam Bankman-fried (SBF) and the FTX / Alameda situation.

Theranos:    • Theranos – Silicon Valley’s Greatest ...  

Enron:    • Enron - The Biggest Fraud in History  

Onecoin:    • 'Fake Bitcoin' - How this Woman Scamm...  

Worldcom:    • When Greed Goes Too Far - The Worldco...  

Luna:    • How This Man Just Caused a $45 BILLIO...  

Closing Track:    • Burn Water - Adomania  

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Producer: Dagogo Altraide

All Comments (21)
  • @TT-rt9vv
    Guaranteed this whole story will be made into a movie one day.
  • I really take issue with calling these people "kids"; it helps take away responsibility from them.
    These are privileged and extremely well-educated adults in their late 20's and early 30's who should have known better.
  • @marcuscarana9240
    It seems like a huge factor that led to this event was the failure of all these investors in doing their due diligence. None of them thoroughly checked Sam's company. It even feels like they thought that since so many other companies were already investing so much in Alameda that they felt confident that this was the real deal without doing proper due diligence.
  • How could people fall for this man, he looks like the comic relief in a movie
  • @olaghjgjutr
    your work on informative content about business and technology is by far the best I have seen in youtube. I been following you for a long time and watched many videos and all of them tell a story in a really well structured way being as compact and understandable as possible for the broader public. If you started this channel by yourself, you are destined for great things
    I feel that this video makes people sympathetic with this guy. He destroyed many lives and deserves what he is getting. He knows what he is doing and planning that from the start, and that is not cool.
  • @supersfm
    Craziest part is that this is potentially the biggest financial heist ever and isn’t getting covered by the media or getting very poor coverage.
  • @PowerPeteMetal
    SEC needs to be held accountable for allowing this to happen for so long.
  • @dorbie
    "The group of young misfits kept high level management in the dark" No, they were the high level management. Caroline was the CEO so saying they kept high level management in the dark is ridiculous.
  • @Djiehh
    In a perfect world, something like this can't happen due to regulations and ethical conduct.

    In a decent world, everybody involved goes to jail and as many people as possible get as much of their money back.

    In our world, I expect nobody to be seriously punished except for maybe a few scapegoats. The perpetrators probably will grow old being filthy rich instead of absurdly rich and in self-imposed obscurity instead of in the limelight. We live in the darkest timeline for sure.
  • @mrcead
    It's exactly like 2008. Everyone knew it was a bad idea, that it was too good to be true but was waiting for enough people to say something and took the "quietness" as permission. People who trade in Asian markets saw that rugpulls were almost a weekly thing and knew something was about to break
    !!! I respect the work you do here mate because i tell you you're really pointing people in the right direction. Your video has been very engaging and well useful right from the beginning .These are tough times and well frankly I really appreciate how you discuss global finances in such a delicate way because you know business and investment are the best ways to make money even under the nose of the pandemic and any you know world problems going on.
  • @tyandambika
    Thanks for doing the work that our mass media should be doing.
  • @simadologist
    Thanks for this summary/overview. Very interesting. Also, just wanted to take the opportunity to commend you on your videos, which are very well made (both in terms of content and aesthetics). I was wondering if in addition to your sources, you could share the equipment (especially software) that you use to create/produce your videos. Thanks again!
  • @billycruz82
    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful content…for
    putting it out there with the passion that many of us need and strive for. I'm starting to listen to you
    almost every morning. Your voice and words are
    calming, clarifying, uplifting and motivating. It feels real and genuine. I am grateful to have your channel as a source for having a better relationship with myself and the world around me?
  • @orangemanbad
    It’s crazy how good the video production is on this. Nobody in the comments here could ever imagine a cable news show running a piece like this. And with this production value. Awesome guys
  • @No_More_Pew_Pew
    As the old saying goes, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There will always be an Icarus attempting to fly too close to the sun on waxed wings.
  • @BobbyHickey
    Some Crypto YouTubes called it out early, including the political donations. Coin Bureau was one that raised concerns early.
    On a personal note, I was invested in Blockfolio before FTX took it over. A bad review of FTX got me kicked off the platform, not unlike fired employees who disagreed with SBF. I thank them for kicking me off!
  • @mr.corcoran6296
    I appreciate your channel; always compelling subjects with excellent reporting.
  • Man the stuff youre making here is always so on point its like you always know what we need atm... and good to have a break from hogwarts legacy 😂 VRITKN300