The Best Strategy Game You Never Played: Age of Mythology

Published 2023-03-16

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0:00 - Intro
1:55 - Mission 1: Omens
5:56 - Mission 2: Consequences
10:09 - Mission 3: Scratching the Surface
14:27 - Mission 4: A Fine Plan
18:53 - Mission 5: Just Enough Rope
23:57 - Mission 6: I Hope This Works
27:55 - Mission 7: More Bandits
32:46 - Mission 8: Bad News
37:51 - Mission 9: Revelation
41:01 - Mission 10: Strangers
47:12 - Mission 11: The Lost Relic
51:47 - Mission 12: Light Sleeper
56:33 - Mission 13: Tug of War
59:16 - Mission 14: I CANT SAY THIS WORD Hear My Plea
1:04:39 - Mission 15: This Video Is Really Long Huh
1:10:38 - Mission 16: Good Advice
1:15:31 - Mission 17: The jackal's Stronghold
1:18:48 - Mission 18: A Long Way From Home
1:24:26 - Mission 19: Watch That First Step
1:30:18 - Mission 20: Where They Belong
1:34:03 - Mission 21: Old Friends
1:37:41 - Intermission time! Get some popcorn or something, but not from the theater, it is so overpriced there. My friend once went into a theater to buy popcorn and then couldn't afford to ride the bus so I had to pay for her so I ended up indirectly paying for popcorn and I don't really enjoy it. She is a doctor now and still hasn't paid me back.
1:39:42 - Mission 22: North
1:44:05 - Mission 23: The Dwarven Forge
1:50:18 - Mission 24: Not From Around Here
1:53:44 - Mission 25: Welcoming Committee
1:55:08 - Mission 26: Union
1:59:00 - Literally me talking about encyclopedias. Can I get any more boring?
1:59:55 - Mission 27: The Well of Urd
2:03:26 - Mission 28: Beneath The Surface
2:07:17 - Mission 29: Unlikely Heroes
2:09:16 - Mission 30: All Is Not Lost
2:15:16 - Mission 31: Welcome Back
2:18:49 - Mission 32: A Place In My Dreams
2:27:24 - Mission 33: A Lost People
2:30:22 - Mission 34: Atlantis Reborn
2:35:44 - Mission 35: Greetings from Greece
2:40:05 - Mission 36: Odin's Tower
2:43:32 - Mission 37: The Ancient Relics
2:47:43 - Mission 38: Mount Olympus
2:50:43 - Mission 39: Betrayal of Sikyos
2:55:49 - Mission 40: Cerebus
3:02:06 - Mission 41: Rampage
3:07:33 - Mission 42: Making Ammends
3:13:34 - Mission 43: Atlantis Betrayed
3:18:23 - Fantastic Floating Friends, Super Spicy Skirmishes and Bad Business Bamboozles
3:22:12 - Mission 44: War of the Titans
3:28:51 - Outroduction

Make sure to study, this video WILL be on the test.

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  • @SquaredSmith
    Excuse you "Never Played". This game was my childhood
  • @joeloverton4327
    You probably wont see this as this video has been out for a month but I just want to thank you for making this. I has been years since I have played this but it was and possibly still is my favorite game. Your whole style of video reminded me of the joy I had when I was younger playing it and your commentary and editing were phenomenal and hilarious. I have been smiling so hard for the last 3.5 hours to the point I am almost crying so thank you.
    I'm no expert at RTS games, but this one in particular was such a huge part of my personal gaming history. I'm so glad my dad was a weird gamer in the early 00s. I've never watched your channel before, but thank you for a love letter to a game that was so significant to me. :)
  • @TheOrangeCat2
    The fun thing with Colossae you didn't mention is that they can heal by eating gold mines or trees. It's an awful exchange rate resource/hp wise, but you can retreat these guys to just out of defense range, and then literally eat up your enemy's resources and heal your showstopper units. This game has so many cool things you can do with a little creativity it's insane.
  • @timmjones5298
    You have SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Your voice is perfect for long video content. It’s not annoying and is calming. You are spectacular at articulating everything in a non repetitive way. It’s like a masterfully written essay that is a smooth read that’s clear and concise. Please keep going with this long content and you’ll have tons of watch time and be a HUGE HUGE YouTuber!
  • @denholmspurr7211
    3 and half hours on AOM and you don’t even mention the incredible editor this game had!
  • @solomonahmad164
    Wow I can't believe Grant promised us he would do an AOM deathless run, how kind of him :^) looking forward to it.
  • @micsulli19
    This game has LITERALLY been my favorite video game for 20 years! Thanks for making this. I've wanted this exact video since 2003!
  • @maxttk97
    Agamemnon not having a weapon and was instead punching people was always very funny 😂
  • @VasiliyOgniov
    I'm so glad this video did well. This means that there is a possibility in the future that Grant will do more of those essays. I loved every second of it
  • @thorzap1374
    I keep rewatching this because it's a fantastic breakdown. Today it's rare to find someone such a long video that's just talking about something they love. The positivity is appreciated, great video!
  • @draig8259
    Man, the fact that you mentioned the strategic use of Gaia's forest god power on the final mission, and then didn't use it to trap Kronos and kill him usng only archers, is a huge missed opportunity. I felt so cool when I did that as a kid. You can actually wall him in when he walks into one of the little alcoves with the pools, and if you use all of your supply on archers, you can slowly kill him.
  • @jstager
    This was the game that introduced me to both strategy games and ancient mythologies. Thank you for the wonderful memories mom.
  • @BunBurrow
    As someone who still has a vivid memory of going home from Sam's Club, having gotten the expansion to AoM as a side thing to getting groceries with my mom, and being super hype about it, even now roughly 18 years later, I really appreciate the level of detail you put into this video, and how well made it is. I got through all 3 and a half hours, and it was brilliant reliving things through your perspective. This video was sent to me after sending another 3 hour long analysis video to a friend, and I am glad it was. You have earned another subscriber, and you deserve many more. Your passion is clearly on display here, and I'm all for it. I'll be right there with you in hoping the AoM Retold will live up to the glory of the original, maybe even fixing some of the longstanding issues.
  • @alexdevora7889
    I have spent YEARS wondering why the Trojan market that triggers them to say the thing about trade was buried so deep in the Trojan base! It totally makes sense that they meant it to be where the town center is. As soon as you pointed that out in the video, I knew I'd be watching the whole thing. Nooo regrets. Also, you gave that second expansion exactly as much time as it deserved. 10/10 analysis
  • @Thirteen13551355
    I'm very glad that you focused on the single player campaign! So many people focus on the multiplayer, but as someone who is into single player games only, I really miss information about how these campaign missions in RTS games are regarded.
  • @Walnorful
    I hope you do more videos like this. I feel like you have so much to say about level and game design in RTSs that seeing you do a "playthrough" while explaining the game and what you like about it, is so damn interesting and unique. I would love to see you revisit Warcraft with this, but maybe even Age of Empires. You could even do more obscure RTSs like Supreme Commander. Anyways - really good job! Keep it up.
  • I devoted YEARS to this game man… feels just like yesterday I guided Arkantos through a sinking Atlantis…
  • @JeffDaAsian
    Came for a retrospective of my favorite childhood RTS, stayed for the Crocodile rants. Justice for Sobek