A Day in the Life of #SLOCounty Sheriff's Deputy

Published 2020-01-30
Each day, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Deputies work tirelessly to protect and serve the people of SLO County. Here's a glimpse into a day in the life of a Sheriff's Deputy. Get more info at www.slocounty.ca.gov/.

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  • @keleecoats3193
    Deputy Miller helped me get off the street in broken down motor home. I will be paying my fifth month of rent. Thank you Miller!!! Kelee Coats.
  • @the5139
    Thanks to all the brave men and women serving our community and nation. God bless you all.
  • Thank you for taking care of the homeless in America, you're doing the job of politicians.
  • @RetiredE7USARMY
    I was with this department 1971-1981, back then things were allot different. No homeless,drugs was mainly grass, we carried revolvers,no vest. I mainly worked the coast station when the office was out up the main station on hwy 1. I went to Pismo PD then El Dorado sheriff’s dept the went back into military desert storm and retired as a military pole officer. I miss this department a bunch of great guys and gals.
  • @thebuggy736
    This is good work. In Australia we have engagement officers but also a lot of street chaplains (I am one of them). Often I offer a pie and a coke to a homeless person but not money. I was never used from homeless people, they are very thankful to get a meal. The power of humanity.

    I stumbled over this clip because I wanted to know what a deputy in the US stands for (in my mind was a childish image of a Wild West Film shooting).
  • @tonyrobles3461
    To be absolutely honest, all my encounters with the SLO county sheriff's department have been has been with equal understanding and respect... I do appreciate that... 😎🤙
  • All sheriffs have the power to deputize don't let anyone tell you different sheriff is higher than any local police
  • This is why I want to be a county sheriff Ik each department varies on how they handle these situations but that’s how I would do things if I was an active county sheriff
  • @deandre8432
    Thank you for everything you do!
    From Lebanon, TN
  • @RastaQuan
    Man I can't wait to try my luck and become a Sheriff
  • @bobbyu8991
    Good to see a real cop and not another impersonator making a you tube video
  • It's always great when its scripted. Catch them on the streets seldom would we see this kind of interaction. Being poor is not a crime.
  • @kayokayo3644
    An id is a real step for many to get a job and get on there feat proper identication
  • @seangotts6470
    i used to work with ppl living on the street .. i can tell you the bad shit you see on vids between them and cops is not the norm .. so many of them get there 1st leg up into a normal life again by the local cops usually the sherrifs deptartment but not always
  • @quitsevensix
    She has awesome kit looks like she has everything
  • @TonnikaW
    Will this position work for someone who has young children that will need to day shift schedule?