Is the HITCHFIRE Grill the BEST Tailgate Grill? - Walkthrough & Review

Published 2023-12-13
When you're camping or attending events, having options for food is important. And that is where tailgate grills come into play. But which is the right grill for you?

In this video we go in-depth into one of the most talked about travel grills, the Hitchfire Grill!

-Is this grill for you?
-Benefits, considerations
-Walkthrough / How to Guide

There are a lot of considerations that come to finding the right outdoor grill for you. Versatility, space, cleanliness, portability, how many people it can feed, how its powered, how it can be maneuvered, what vehicles it is compatible with, and more.

We put this grill through the test! We traveled thousands of miles with it hitched onto our vehicle, we fed dozens of people at an event we attended, and thoroughly learned the ins-and-outs.

Buy it here:
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00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - Who This is For
01:00 - Is it Clean?
01:38 - Is it Weatherproof?
01:50 - Protective cover
02:15 - Size
02:25 - How many people can it feed?
03:30 - Important notice!
04:33 - Traveling with it
04:55 - Fueling option 1
06:22 - Removing and attaching
07:59 - Coupon Code
08:14 - Cooking
08:28 - End result!
08:48 - Alternate fueling options.

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