The Lost Caverns of Ixalan - Under Control | Azorius Deck Tech with CovertGoBlue | MTG Arena

Published 2023-12-04
Whatever aggro, ramp, or combo the Arena wants to throw at you, this deck can handle it. Take it from control’s number one fan, CovertGoBlue; this build can lock down everything in its path. Watch as @covertgoblue returns to his favorite deck archetype with new updates from the Lost Caverns of Ixalan!

00:00 - Deck Tech
02:25 - Match Start

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All Comments (21)
  • @poopmcgee2410
    The graphic made me think LVD would be joining CGB at some point
  • @Anonymous-pf2yw
    yo whatt, i got excited for a second. I thought LegendVD would be doing a cameo and joining CGB explaining the dech tech.
  • @JaborWithaY
    Wow, LegenVD got a huge makeover and now looks and sounds like a totally different person.

    That or the thumbnail creator forgot to update the byline, one of the two.
  • Love this deck with no counters, more life gain and ways to cycle the deck's bombs. Always throws off ladder.
  • @DanyF02
    "Just don't let them win and you can't lose." ...fair enough.
  • @kaaaaahle
    Oh my god its the same azorius weve seen for over a year..... but wait.... theres 1 new nonland card!
  • @ThatoneGuy-zd4rl
    Watching CGB playing UW dunking on idiots means it’s the most, wonderful time, of the year.
  • @keithknight6745
    I have a similar deck but monowhite. I am interested doing u/w control
  • @RoBaDoB143
    Nothing like standard deck tech with LegendVD lmfao
  • @Xgya2000
    Gotta love CGB doing what CGB does best.
    Azorius control is awesome.
  • The more I watch these videos the more it feels like if you want to win there are certain cards that must be in your deck. Want to be creative and have fun? Prepare to lose. Want to play the same cards everybody else is playing? Sure I guess you can compete.
  • @crusader8463
    Bleh. These decks are a plague ruining the game. They are so boring to play against.