Serial | Season 01, Episode 09 | To Be Suspected

Published 2017-04-06
New information is coming in about what maybe didn't happen on January 13, 1999. And while Adnan's memory of that day is foggy at best, he does remember what happened next: being questioned, being arrested and, a little more than a year later, being sentenced to life in prison.


"Serial" is a true crime podcast produced by Sarah Koenig and This American Life.
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  • @786buzzable
    Regardless of weather he did it or not this pod cast is pure genius. Not everyone has the skill of story telling that touches one’s heart. But this narrator was WOW. Award winning podcast.
  • @mirbear72
    Imagine being high and thinking the cops are coming to talk to you about your ex and you’re freaking out that you got weed on you but then they arrest you for murder 😬
  • @Elimstjohn
    If this shit ends without an answer I'm throwing my phone across the room.
  • @veeelle2275
    Y'know, it's easy to get wrapped up in the many characters involved with this case......and, not remember that there was a real, once very much alive, vibrant girl who had a family and dreams and a future. When Sarah starting talking about what Hae Lee was like.....I surprised myself, with an outburst of emotion that's never happened to me before, NOT LIKE THAT. I got to the nail polish part....and, I'm STILL a
    F*#@!N MESS. If Adnan DIDN'T do it.....the real killer needs to PAY UP.
  • @abbeyfox9035
    "My daughter is buried in my heart. I don't know where to go to hear her. I don't know where to go to see her." 😭😭😭 so heart wrenching 💔 😢
  • @coll4455
    Thankful for the kind gestures from the adults back then
  • @laurak893
    This case is so complex and at this point I don’t think it will ever be solved there’s so many different stories that people have
  • @llbabyk1234
    "Its my own fault at the end of the day" Now that's an adult talking, I understand how he could be okay with his situation now, all these years later. He's made the best of what life handed him. Im sure as a young adult he was bitter &angry. Up until now, I think he's innocent. I still suspect Jay & the new boyfriend. Love this series! !
  • I know I am echoing the comments thus far but had to say this podcast is an incredible piece of journalism mixed with a beautiful dose of humanity resulting in award winning content. What I truly admire is that the journalist in her tells such a well balanced and impeccably documented story of such tragic events. But it is the human compassion that she brings to her work that makes this story so real and the people involved so relatable and human. The two moments that really got to me during this episode was the Korean proverb that Hey’s mother said at the sentencing of Anon which was absolutely heart wrenching and Anon’s description of the small moments of kindness he received from strangers and friends that he experienced during some of the worst moments of his life. It is these delicate pieces of information that are added to the overall story showing her deep understanding of the human experience that makes her an incredibly talented human being!
  • @TLR1988
    Confused me as to how people think Adnon is guilty. Nothing we've heard says that he did it. The only person lying and doing shady things is Jay. This should still be an investigation at most IMO. With all the lies, Jay shouldn't have been credible enough to gain a conviction. If somebody lies this much in 2022, no way anybody would believe them, let alone get this conviction.
  • Jurors need to be reminded every day all the damn time, it seems, that a) defendants are presumed INNOCENT until the prosecution can prove beyond ANY reasonable doubt that they are guilty. Too many jurors forget that very important right and expect the defendant to prove the story the prosecution makes up false. It doesn’t matter how perfectly the story prosecution tells fits the narrative. If they can’t prove with absolutely zero doubt that their story is true, the defendant is INNOCENT. b) defendants RARELY get up on the stand. The defense lawyer does not want the prosecution to have a chance at cross examination and to ask questions that they can spin to make the defendant sound guilty easier. It almost always goes badly when a defendant testifies for themselves. Even the most innocent person has to be coached endlessly to be ready for cross. It is NOT suspicious if they don’t testify and YOU WERE TOLD not to consider that they don’t! Good job admitting you ignored your own duty!

    I think Adnan might’ve done it but the case they made is nowhere near air tight. The reasonable doubt in this case is beyond overwhelming.
  • @ashleyp287
    Wow I thought I was the only one who puts nail polish on so I can pick it off. Super glue too. I know, weird
  • @strang3rulov34
    Jay had to have done it. He knows so much and he is soooo quick to throw Adnan under the bus and minimize his own involvement.
  • @nightmarah916
    The little amounts of forensic evidence in this case is so concerning like this happened late 90s it’s not unusual for forensics to be involved and they should’ve been
  • @adamrafal6587
    This is a great podcast! Koenig does quite the dance around Occam's razor.
  • @C0reDefender
    Imagine a life of being falsely convicted to life in prison...
  • @EEllis84
    Your very happy;almost excited when you talk to/about or hear any glimmer of hope that he is innocent,I really think you might of getting caught up in the hype that you might get him off for murder. Too me he is definitely guilty and it is very plain to see
  • @mar6917
    This reminds me of 12 angry men, it's surreal