meet the grahams

Published 2024-05-03

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  • @dr_vpamd
    Drake: you have small feet

    Kendrick: you should die
  • J. Cole is waking up to the fresh smell of ripe apricots and blooming dandelions, listening to the birds chirp in a tranquil forest
  • The fact that this is played with an A-Minor is ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL.
  • @mp-gw8sc
    Even if bbldrizzy doesn't have a daughter, Kendrick message to women without father's is important. Fucking incredible writing
  • @wifeunderthesea
    i'm fully convinced that kendrick wrote meet the grahams with a quill in one hand and a gun in the other.
  • Starting this song off with “Dear Adonis” is genuinely crazy work
  • Drake: You're raising another man's child.
    Kendrick: Hold up, lemme raise yours too.
  • @robisbliss3042
    Getting into a rap battle with a story teller was the first mistake drake made
  • @Kikoou
    This song is a horror movie, man. I feel like I'm listening to something I shouldn't.
  • @MarciaPO2
    That, "No secret handshake with your friends" is a simple line that can cut someone deep when listened to if they had no reliable people around them.
  • @P2k23P
    Kendrick definitely pulled J.Cole to the side and said "don't come to school tommorrow
  • @tiaplaya3508
    It's crazy how respectful he is to Adonis and actually trying to teach him something that his father may not.
  • 5:55 I really love the 'You Lied' segment, but "Why believe you, you never gave us nothin' to believe in" hits so much harder.
    His intonation is that of a gospel preacher man, like he's speaking the absolute truth.
    Edit: And it even leans perfectly into the lying about religious views follow-up.
  • You can't control your height, but you can control not being a predator 💀
  • @andymaxime4883
    J. Cole deserves our apologies. We mocked that man for making the greatest decision of his career.
  • @ocuito4972
    I dont think anyone gonna mess with kendrick after this shit bro 😭😭😭
  • @Guccipoooch
    We apologize, J Cole, you’re not a bih, you’re a wise man