Daniel Defense Factory Tour

Published 2019-04-05

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  • huntingdad74
    I like the fact that I saw an employee wearing a sidearm on the assembly line!! Awesome!! 🇺🇲🤘🏼
  • Autumn Wind
    This was a very nice video. It's amazing how spotless that factory is. I love my DD MK18 and appreciate all the work the employees of Daniel Defense put into it from start to finish!!
  • Sam Zolo
    The cleanest factory I have ever seen. I am really impressed by the cold hammer forging. Great job, DD and IV8888!!
  • Ozzy
    I know they’re not very popular in the community now but that was an awesome behind the scenes look at the hammer forging process! I always wondered how they did that.
  • Evan Acey
    What a cool tour that must’ve been to go on... I’ve seen a few of these facility tours now (mostly by Tim on MAC) and one thing I’ve noticed is that the company’s that have world class reputations (like Daniel Defense) and who are renowned for producing products of truly exceptional, top-tier quality tend to reflect that at every level of their company.. Even in their manufacturing facility.
  • gapster46
    What fascinates me about an operation like DD is the machines that make the parts. My father was a machine tool designer and tried to get me to follow in his footsteps, but 2 years in engineering at a drafting table right out of high school was enough for me. My father was a key designer of a 8 head turret milling machine that was computer operated back in the day when the computer was a huge thing that ran off of ticker tape back in the 1960's. Machines have come a long way since then, but I do hate seeing robots doing the work that should be done by humans.
  • Surfing Drunk68
    This is really cool. I would love for you to do a series with different firearm manufacturers
  • jordanaug81
    Wow. I knew DD was on their A game but that facility exceeded my expectations.
  • IPwnd
    very cool. i worked for a smaller machine shop for a while making their own recievers, bolt carriers, handguards, muzzle devices, and they started doing barrels but it's neat seeing DD's manufactruing facility and how much more specialized equipment they have for all of this.
  • Fireteam Michael
    Nice video! Cool to see, especially manufacturer's that actually manufacture all their own parts. I've always been an Eagle arms/ArmaLite fan for this reason, (as well the quality/reliability of the 2 Middy carbines I've owned by them) and a few others that aren't just "assemblers."
  • Randy Micallef
    I really have a greater appreciation for the DD rifle I just purchased. What an amazing factory. Thanks for taking us along.
  • ddevil
    It's really sweet to see cellular manufacturing being used in a different setting then I'm used too. Badass
  • Patrick Johnson
    Every Daniel defense I've had was absolutely 100% perfect. Not a single flaw inside or out. Fantastic rifles.
  • Scott Amy
    Great video! I love my Daniel Defense 14.5”, it’s been a fantastic rifle and I’ll definitely be supporting them with more purchases in the near future!
  • Phil
    Wow! When you think he started out just making sling attachments for ar-15's out of a small shop and how he's grown his brand. It's awesome! And their rifles are even more awesome!
  • Brandon Reed
    How long did it take you to learn each step of the process? Well done Eric and crew!!!
  • Stephen 2020
    Nice video, Eric. Its good to witness an American company employing actual Americans. Unfortunately, I cannot afford one at this time. I just finished a BCM build. But I would like to own one in the future.
  • TheBird WhoFlew3
    Do a shot every time Eric says “really cool” 🤣-you’ll be HAMMER FORGED when the video ends!!!
  • jgmopar
    Nice and clean looking Factory, Im a Machinist and i have never worked in a Facility that nice looking. They have some really nice Machines in there. Happy Employees and quality come with a good run company.
  • joshua D
    Man i loved this video. I love this channel in general. I bought a grey Brutus knife on the website and I’m happy to support you guys. Do more of these types of videos, i learned a lot.