Fogo Island: A far away comeback story

Published 2022-08-14
A small island off the coast of Newfoundland is redefining itself with the help of a local businesswoman who combined deep pockets with a deep appreciation for the island's past.

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All Comments (21)
  • Absolutely thrilled to view this video. My wife and I spent a week in Fogo island in July 1982, along with a good friend from New Foundland. We were so warmly welcome and treated like family members. It was such a wonderful experience and the people of Fogo Island were so precious that it is impossible for us to forget those few days in such a remote and peaceful paradise. God bless all the Fogo islanders and may they all be happy for ever.
  • tammy burke
    OMG, she exudes compassion from every cell.
    Incredibly inspirational and uplifting. I coukd watch this over and over. Love this story!!!
  • FriarTom
    What a beautiful and inspirational story. Community, community,'s critical for our survival.
  • gwinterboer
    Great story. With so much hate and tragedy in the news we need more of these dominating headlines.
  • What a beautiful soul she is! I’m deeply, deeply touched by her; along with her father and mother.
    It’d make a fabulous writers retreat. Attract writers and those who understand that land this loved, and stories this grounded…heals.
  • New Moon
    If every successful person gave back in such thoughtful ways, the world would be a lot better place.
    At 55 years of age, and taking a more reflective look at life, and it’s true meaning. I watched every single minute of this broadcast with the one thing I concluded at first. “One person, can make a difference in preserving the most precious things in life, and building a pathway to the future”.✨💎💎💎✨
  • Shiva Dizayin
    This is such an uplifting story. I found myself smiling the way through. I love the bit where she says hospitality is loving a stranger.

    She did an amazing job by giving back to her community, to bring it back to life, or rather to let it keep living on.
  • Maurice Harp
    Over the years I've been fortunate enough to meet many folks from Newfoundland (Newfies) and I can tell you first hand that they've brought much joy and happiness to my life! They are not only the most hospitable people I've ever met their love of life and having fun is contagious. It's too bad that your story didn't capture their wonderful accent. I don't know if I'll ever get to Fogo Island but I will be visiting The Rock one day - it's the number one item on my bucket list! Thanks 60 Minutes.
    I am in awe of what she did, does, accomplish. She never let her long term goal for this beautiful island to be sustained & keep the generations of family able to come home or see where it all began. She seemingly renewed the waters. Strong, determined, ambitious woman 👍❤️
  • Occle Emme
    What an impressive woman. I wish more people in her position thought the way she does.
  • Elvenkind
    This remind me so much of the place I grew up at, on the west coast of Norway. The architecture, boats and fish are all just like over here. The people also look alike. I'd love to live there. I was stupid enough to think life would be more exiting in the city at a youth and now I'm kind of stuck here.
  • susanne chakan
    Amazing story about a beautiful community of people. Much respect to the woman who came back to help. I'm going to look that artist community place there. I would love to do a solo meditation retreat here 💞
  • Russell Loveland
    It warms my heart to see a tiny village find away to survive. Would love to visit here one day
  • T M
    Great historical backdrop on this seemingly wonderful place. The challenges that created a hardship now remind me of so many beautiful and simple worlds - all becoming the harbor for an elite group. Granted, islanders are profiting from this and rightfully so. This, just the world today everywhere. I'm unfortunate/fortunate geographically to have been and still living in such a spot, sad for those now moving or struggling in that spot. Wish all well
  • joyce svarvar
    The world needs more people like that. Interesting and inspiring.
  • Common Sense
    I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I cannot wait for the opportunity to see her magical island and love those islanders✨ Cod is my absolute favorite and always has been and these really seem like my kind of folks. My happy place✨💜✨
    I wish I could afford to live there.
  • Calcadian
    Very heart warming story ! Much love to fogo from California!
  • Chuck Kottke
    "What are we optimizing for ? We're optimizing for place, we're optimizing for community ". Very well said! Optimize for harmony, happiness, tranquility, and home is heaven.💙
    Beautiful story in today's world. Great community....this is where I wish I could be, retire & still work within the community, the fishery, welcoming the visitors. Just beautiful ❤️