How to Drive Through a Roundabout

Published 2019-08-15
Are you supposed to stop at a roundabout? Jay takes you through the do's and don'ts of roundabout driving in the US.

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  • SpudForceable
    The key to roundabouts is you have to trust the other drivers, considering they hand out Drivers License to any idiot in most states, I lack that trust so I'm always cautious with these things since my closest near accidents have been in roundabouts.
  • Kenneth Kranz
    Good video, here in Australia we have lots of roundabouts, they remove the need for traffic lights in many locations, in the suburbs they help keep the speed down a bit and break up some of the "drag strips". I have spent some time in the USA and love the country, it's people and its values. I have a feeling some of your four way stops could be replaced with roundabouts.
  • jay cee
    1:24 Uh, the red car was continuing around, he was required to stop for it.
  • Jay Phillips
    The More You Know! Great lesson! So many people get confused at the roundabouts. Good stuff man! Also, i liked the sign off.."remember to keep air in your spair..." but i gotta be honest... did NOT see the mother-in-law note
  • Yvonne Williams
    I don’t particularly care for roundabouts especially the ones where you can make a left turn within the roundabout. The ones pictured here are pretty simple but they have some roundabout that are chaotic to say the least. And I was listening to my GPS which is my problem being in an area I wasn’t familiar with. Good video. I’m learning.
  • dragonball3166
    I first how to learn to drive in roundabout from national lampoons vacation before I learn how to drive what pisses me off people don’t use signal lights it’s guessing game if there turning out or not,
  • M P
    I got a ticket a few years ago for failing to stop at a stop sign just before entering a round about. There many round abouts with stop signs in my County. 50% of your video is false.
  • lioness77alfar
    They are building one in our small town because some huge corporation built their company and got the council to okay this around the people.. no one wants it, think farm equipment, semi's from new company add Amish in buggies on a freaking roundabout to me it's insane. It's not going to ease anything they need to go around the town removing too much traffic not install a dangerous roundabout.
  • F1 etc.
    This is filmed in Carmel right