Movies I Thought Were Weird

Published 2017-11-27

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  • TheOdd1sOut
    I got a lot of comments about the really awesome frame-by-frame animation in this video, but those parts were actually done by my very talented friend Rushlight Invader, check him out! :0 ➤
  • Miss Mayfair
    Oh my god those two seconds of animation was the best two seconds of my life.
  • BendyFILMS 1932
    0:55 is no one gonna talk about how well animated those frames of James saying “the Cartoons don’t have to move!” are? That looks like it took a bit longer to animate than how he usually animates his character
  • ikhinosen egbele
    i really wished he had talked about coraline. now THAT is a childhood scaring movie
  • Jabazoos
    Fun fact: the kratt brothers have their own show now without the lemur, but with 3 new friends living in a turtle spaceship that can turn invisible, and one of their new friends made them suits that make them turn into animals.

    I'm not gonna delete this now, but I just realised this is the weirdest describing of the show.
  • The movie that horrified me as a child and still does to this day was Nemo's Adventures in Dreamland. There's a part where he opens the door to the Nightmare land and I must have had really bad dreams as a kid, because I was straight up scarred by just the THOUGHT of what was behind that door
  • SpookyGuy98
    What was even weirder was the fact that the Fox was tied up at the end of the movie. Really makes you think if it was intentional
  • Ven the proto
    I just love when he said “I am going to be a furry!” And then said “I used to watch fox’s seduced their meals before they vored them”
  • TheLovelyLadybug
    I too felt a bit of existential dread as a child when Wilbur was crying and screaming “I DON’T WANNA DIE”.
  • AlyssaB
    Something I've realised is that 90's kids shows had a lot of 60's references, which makes sense given who's actually making said cartoons but the kids at the time didn't get the reference and the adults thought it was lame.
  • I absolutely love Wild Krafts
    (It also teaches kids about animals but, it starts out live action the same cuts into animation and ends with a group of kids learning and seeing the animals.)
    And I found their TikTok, and started crying because it’s just my childhood is TV show embodiment.
  • Peeble Kitty
    The Kratt brothers are still around in the form of the Wild Kratts cartoon. It's actually pretty good. I mean, it's clearly a kids show, but it's educational and has some pretty neat episodes. About the two brothers as part of a scientific team, learning about animals. And they have flying turtle ships and creature power suits and stuff.
  • BlackNight
    Kratt brothers are so fricken nostalgic. The names were Chris and Martin. They had an animated show called Wild Kratts.
  • Melody Song
    Strangely, I LOVE Wild Kratts, which I assume is the "new" show with the Kratt bros that came after Zaboomafoo, but I had never heard of Zaboomafoo until I watched this. So thanks James, you gave me some new info!
  • Small Savage
    Dude I remember watching the Wild Kratts on PBS Kids, y'know back when they still had the Kart game. I LOVED that when I was a kid; my high school science teacher actually played an episode of the Wild Kratts last year lol
  • Ario
    That smashing of the egg never gets old for me 😂
  • LukeTheDukeYT
    I watched the original Charlotte's web movie in 1st grade when we were reading the book, and when we got to that scene where Wilbur started crying...I covered my eyes and ears.
  • Gina
    Courage the cowardly dog scared the crap outta me as kid...still watched it though idk why 😂