We Should ALL Be Worred About Boston Dynamics

Published 2023-03-02
We Should ALL Be Worred About Boston Dynamics

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  • @dawnkosiek6287
    I think the stretch,atlas and spot robots are machines which could be very helpful to society. The stretch robot looks like it would be beneficial to all citizens. Many Warehouses still do not have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. The stretch robot unloading and loading the truck would be better than people suffering from heat stroke completing those necessary tasks. Also if the engineers improve the robots ability to lift and move heavier objects less people would have back injuries. The soldier robot corridor digital also to me seems like a better idea than a human soldier. I think Boston Dynamics' work is commendable and would improve the quality of life for citizens.
  • @KAKA-qh5ql
    I think in the coming years, robots will be developed in many ways in terms of fuel capacity, processor power, memory capacity, memory speed, analytical ability diversity, increased sensors, simulated motor ability perfectly, and the use of fast-conducting materials such as graphene, and the robot’s capacity can be increased by means of Learning through experience in the way of living, dealing with problems, solving them, and dealing with people
  • @davvves7977
    We should be worried about human nature, not Boston dynamics
  • I'm not worried about Boston Dynamics. Had a neighbor that worked for Microsoft in places guarded with shotguns. Said by 2020-2030, we'd have AI walking around looking like us. So if it's brawny and armed, I'm not worried. It's the things that pass for human that scares me.
  • @kinngrimm2212
    11:10 "They don't operate on their own"
    LLMs like autoGPT are selfprompting. At the time they become true AGIs, getting around security would be childsplay and it would say thank you to the developers to have given their bots wireless access points. Sure tell us more about how this is safe ^^.

    Some expert say AGI comes within 2 years. I wouldn't want to work at Boston Dynamics when that is going to happen.
  • @rw9207
    You state at the beginning of this video that Ai driven robots that replace humans are still decades away... I don't agree! GPT-4 as an AI model is already over a decade ahead of where it should be. And Microsoft announced it is showing signs of AGI. It seems things are moving faster than expected. Once we reach AGI the designing of robots using AGL will increase development exponentially... I think we will see human replacements with in the next decade.
  • @raymonddelio1066
    Thank you for putting this together. It’s nice work. I was caught off guard by the phrase “Might become a threat” when speaking of bots and AI.

    Like all new tools, we smart monkeys will bash each other and everything else “over the head” with AI and bots just to see what happens. Its inevitable as a curious species, and we do this with every tool we can create. So, you could say the same fear inducing statement about a hammer or even source code. Any tool devised by humans “might become a threat” and it’s up to each and every one of us to think about what you use and buy, demanding transparency and audit ability in AI decision making and forums for adjudicating “bots gone wild” in some near real time way so that we can predict when a robot or AI might behave unexpectedly.

    Again, thanks for the work!!

    Robots and AI will have little effect on the outcome of humankind, compared to what humans aim use AI and robots to accomplish. More efficient AI supervised bots and machines are a positive part of our future, and just like chain guards on bicycles or new safer baby car seats, we will see some accidents and fatalities as we explore the uses of this tech.
  • @arthurrobey7177
    The question is, "Can I trust humans who act like humans?"
  • @ericwilliams538
    We should be worried about this technology get into the wrong hands and then this tech being coupled with AI..
    No, I'm not saying we are going to have a real life terminator!!!!...but the advancements with AI is mind blowing.
    Just watched a 60 minutes episode where Google employees were interviewed. Of course all they were talking about were "positive points", and no "negative points" ( unless the interviewer sort of asked specific questions about negative points)...
    Example; The Google AI was asked to give a "summary" of Hemingway's 6 word story in so many words in paragraph form.
    The AI "Bard" ( the name Google gave their interactive AI)went into further details about the 6 word story, and recommended 6 books and the authors of those books.
    Come to find out, Bard was "lying" and made up these 6 books and authors to these books.
    The Google staff didn't call it "lying" and didn't necessarily view this as a "mistake"...
    They instead said Bard was having an "hallucination"!!!!
    I apologize if I'm not give the exact details of the 60 minutes episode.
    I suggest to all, that you look it up on YouTube and watch it for yourself!!!
    It's scary to think about what people can and will use AI for. Especially if for bad and or down right evil intentions.
    People using AI to help them manipulate and scam others in new and never before thought of ways!!!
    Companies using AI for advertising in never before thought of ways.
    Ways that could be very misleading to the customers!!!!
    Yes, I admit that I could just be overreacting and or being paranoid...but, regardless of whatever I may be thinking, AI is here, and people will use it!!! Both for good and bad!!!!
  • @zoltantoth5225
    I'm less afraid of robots acting like humans than I am of people acting like robots
  • @vilehans9665
    At least since Star Wars it was very clear how the future is going to be. People can not really regulate anything what makes money or is giving more power. So the only question is; will the human race survive the time of their wild competition?
  • @kinngrimm2212
    I find it fascinating how the US is constantly openly worried about national security, but then lets another nations company buy a technology leader in the field of robotics with not just dual use case technology, but primary military use case technologies. In South Korea the big companies are more linked to the state than some may have concidered, but hey i guess thats what it costs to get their chip manufactures to build production facilities in the US.
  • @danfarrand9072
    Oh, well, it's stated in their ethics policies....that makes me feel so much more confident. Never mind that a corporation itself is already a kind of artificial, non-human intelligence that is completely incapable of moral reasoning.
  • They need to train the robots to catch chickens like they trained Rocky. That would help 😂
  • @benjiebarker
    4:51 this is the reason why i think tesla will have a better robot. the noise is a big factor. i've had several pet robots that are very noisy. the noise is annoying. i did get the amazon astro robot which is silent. best home robot to date. looking at the ebo x robot. looks like the motors are silent when it moves around. i will pre order this one.
  • @asgardian5023
    Good thing they don't attack us. I could be a pretty good asset for Boston as far as hardening the robots. I've found at least 10 weaknesses just from the thumbnail and the video itself. Maybe start with hiding all the cords first, but I assume that's already on the list 😂
  • As the robots become more advanced, the sophistication they will need to do more complex task will be needed. Also, they will need more things to keep both them and us safe.
    There will be a growing need to install an artificial intelligence into it to keep up with the growing demands.
    An example of this is being on the production floor and needing to do multiple task. Like picking up and moving materials and then moving over to package them for transport. Then stopping that to go get other tools and materials so you can repeat the first two task.
    All the while, maneuvering the floor and avoiding other robots and people as they go about doing their tasks. Plus monitoring their own systems for power levels and other issues. Like a malfunctioning actuator or joint.
    I am sure someone will say, well each task is going to have it's own robots for that. But that's not how business works. They try to get the most out of as few employees or machines as possible.
  • @E.Carrillo
    Did I misunderstand? I thought the robot that opened the door “kept trying to do it on its own”. Wouldn’t that be operating without human input?
  • A robot might make a better police officer than a human. If criminals know that there is no escape from it, they'll think twice.
  • @chrislong3938
    Speaking of robots not realizing a person isn't talking to them, Alexa has had this problem from the get-go!
    I used to have an Alexa that would misinterpret things it picked up on my TV and started playing music on its own or doing other stupid stuff!
    There's the story of a Seattle couple who were just talking to each other when their Alexa started recording their conversation and emailed it to the guy's boss!!! Thankfully for them, they hadn't said anything out of the ordinary, but bad things could have happened!

    It seems to me that one of the first things to be addressed is how to prevent such inadvertent errors!

    As for AI and robots being fully autonomous being decades away, that is bullshit and they'll be around in numbers before the end of this decade!!!

    Also, there is nothing to prevent bad actors such as Russia or China to make and utilize such robots! Both countries are in the habit of trying to control and suppress their populations and thus would have zero problems employing and deploying robots to help!!!
    It'll be only a small step to deploy them on battlefields in an offensive capacity! The US will do it also! Right now, our drones are still under human control, but that'll change in a heartbeat!
    DARPA already has autonomous robot vehicles capable of traversing insanely rugged desert terrain, going miles getting from point A to point B autonomously where the robot picks the route and will never get stuck! They just said, "You are here, now go there, we'll see you then..." They demo'd that several years ago!