Gorillaz - MTV Cribs (HD)

Published 2010-01-16

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  • SPAZZ ._. GIRL
    I love the fact that Murdoc is scared of Noodle, but not scared to sell his soul.
  • Muzukashi
    It's been like 20 years but "This is me cutting an onion" still makes me laugh every time
  • Ar4chn1da3
    Murdoc looks like that one rotting vegetable in your fridge that you don’t even remember buying
  • RatBones
    It’s hard to imagine that the members of Gorillaz have voice actors and their not just some entity that exists.
  • mars
    Ok but imagine tuning into MTV cribs expecting some celebrity mansion but instead you get the biggest meme source in the gorillaz fanbase
  • Lemon 4k
    I adore the fact that even guy who have been abusing 2D for his whole life got scared of Noodle
    Deep inside
    Everyone fears Noodle
  • Alfonso 3
    The fact that noodle is 13 and lives with murdoc seems illegal
  • Shandeur
    It's a tradition to come back to this video every so often
  • kara
    “2-D: Interests: Painkillers” Gets me every time
  • lxi
    "R e a l E g y p t i a n S i l k" has the EXACT same energy as " T H E B A T H "
  • SuperBuster54
    Rich people: this picture represents the medieval times and costs 5000000$

    Murdoc: this is me cutting an onion
  • M0ss._
    I like how every time murdoc says ANYTHING he has to put an “EeHhh..” after it-
  • 2:47 I love how 2d is in a house with 49+ rooms, a private movie theater, and a gateway to hell is distracted by a cute poster of a kitten
  • Emmy Wemmy
    4:27 I like how u can tell that noodle's probably going thru puberty at that moment considering she's a bit more aggressive than what she used to be
  • PirateRadio79
    The fact this was actually aired on live prime-time television both scares and delights me.
  • Komachichuu
    Best part of this:
    "Murdoc is a nob. I'll get him."
    2D looking at a cat poster
    "This is me cutting an onion."
    Murdoc pissing in 10 ways
    Murdoc's dad literally looks like a human pickle