I turned VIDEO GAMES into LEGO...

Published 2023-09-18
I take 15 popular video games and turn them into Lego...

Part 2 coming soon on Sacred's channel: youtube.com/@SacredBricks

Mario minifigs from Amazon: www.amazon.com/Yayafofco-Action-Cartoon-Building-F…
Lego army minifigs from Amazon: www.amazon.com/stores/BattleBrick/page/453A2B1B-7F…

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🎶 MUSIC credits:
Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/c3oiyn
Beats from Emix Music: youtube.com/@prodbyemix

Frequently asked questions:
Where do I buy my Lego?
- Bricklink.com and Lego store pick a brick wall
Do I have instructions for my Lego builds?
- No
What software do I use to edit my videos?
- Final Cut Pro X
What gear do I use to film/record my videos?
- Canon EOS R8, RODE VideoMic

All Comments (21)
  • @SacredBricks
    Let’s go bruh this is sick! Part 2 is now being cooked up. We gonna build the whole gaming industry
  • @alexsplanet
    Amazing idea, and the jump to the portal is perfectly animated 😂😂😂
  • As a school bus enthusiast, I can confirm that the battle bus is modeled off a Thomas 3800 school bus (those were only in production from 1989-ish to 2004) and I can also tell that due to the black hood, that bus either came from the Northern US or any providence in Canada besides Ontario and Quebec (because in Ontario, the orange warning lights (which are called ambers) are red, and in Quebec, the school bus sign would say "Ecoliers" instead of "School Bus") but they modified the sign anyway so how am I supposed to know
  • I swear, TD always makes such amazing videos. While I may not be good at making LEGO things and I don’t touch my LEGOs anymore, TD makes me remember why I liked LEGO so much.
  • Let’s take a moment to realize how much effort TD puts into all his videos
  • @nhanthanh303
    I love how you get creative with these videos by adding little mini stop motion scenes In them
  • @ptaotom4512
    Hey, guy, that's sick that Lego has recreated all these classic video games. Keep going, dude
  • @regdugeht9514
    I get so pumped whenever this man posts something. TD, you are incredible and I can tell you worked hard to create your incredible information.
  • Thanks for always cheering me on with your videos, bro. I'm in a tough spot right now, but this should cheer me up.
  • @RJMBricks
    These builds make the games look even more fun 🔥🔥
  • the thing that i love about td bricks is that he can just get a video to at least 1.1m view in a day. and also this video is in #22 on trending.
  • @micheller4187
    I love his videos and I hope he makes more amazing content like this. Yours sincerely, jo mama
  • @SirRussel
    You were actually the reason I got into legos, Kudos to you ❤
  • @Emmasaurus
    Integrating stop-motion into your videos is so fun to watch! Amazing video 🔥
  • @aidank6037
    Someone post a link to all the music this man uses. Its fire