"Habits That Help Me Hold on in Hard Times, Part 2" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2022-02-07

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  • Carrie Bartet
    I pray that the Lord can help me find a church like Saddleback, in South Florida. In less than a few months the Lord free’d me from depression and from smoking. What a huge blessing, how the Lord uses you to teach and explain the word of God!! Thank you pastor for being such a blessing!! Spoke straight to my heart. I am sooooo greatful for men of God that have stood firm and not sold their word. Blessings to you and your family. Please pray for my sons and family. Thanx
  • JustmeSEVEN
    1. Take out the sin from ur life
    2.keep ur eyes open (learn from everything and everybody)
    3. Keep ur purpose firm
    4. Keep ur heart grateful through thick and thin. (He doesn't use the complainers). Note: gratitude and praise are antitode in discouragement.
    5.don't procrastinate
  • i never thought that by age 53, the sanest part of my week would be when i get a good, 45 min, rick warren sermon. god bless him.
  • daughter of Jesus
    Today is Mi day to be Baptised 🙏 from listening to the sermons
  • Alice Lim
    Amen! Thank you Pastor Rick for your sharing! Thank you for your faithfulness in serving God almighty to help draw close to Jesus n to have a purpose in life to live for Jesus n to serve others n to reach out to share the good news! I always very encouraged by your teaching n the truth shared .🙏
  • ruth mutuku
    your sermons are always aspiring. May God continue to bless you
  • SWF Drone
    Thank you so much I was just asking for a guide like you to come in to my life. I can’t pay attention at all but you make it so easy I’ve been listening for hours🥰 I also made a phone call I shoulda made awhile ago thank you. You have already changed my life and I’m feeling so much better.
  • Peace Anozie
    Thank you sir, I have been blessed with the message 🙏
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart ! Give thanks to the Holy one ! Give thanks because he has given Jesus Christ! Amen
  • Karen Keith
    To be content no matter what the world throws at me because I have Jesus in my life
  • Alice Lim
    Amen! Yes we are grateful to be transformed into the image of our Lord Jesus day after day , year after year .🙏Patience is the key 🔑
  • NRB Relic
    Missing my son Matthew lost him in April.... Husband recovering open heart Dec 23 and my health.....
  • Chippy Jackson
    Lord bless this Blessed Man of God with Good Health & Peace Abundant. May he be a Blessing for many more hurt ones🙏