Your body is talking to you, are you listening? | Lizzie Braicks-Rinker | TEDxUofW

Published 2023-01-11
Lizzie dissects the wellness industrial complex and reframes health holistically. Lizzie Braicks-Rinker is a well-rounded wellness enthusiast. With certifications in pilates, fitness, and health coaching, she is passionate about helping others navigate the modern world with less stress and anxiety.
Lizzie competed as a D1 rower in college until losing her mom to colon cancer. After losing her mom, Lizzie wanted to understand how to nourish herself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. She's since become a passionate advocate for understanding wellness on a holistic level. The core of her work centers around learning how to listen to what our bodies and brains truly need, and to tune out toxic messaging that we receive around food, exercise, and body image.
She believes that being healthy is about more than just exercising — that it is also about feeding your soul with the things you love and having a healthy approach to life's challenges. Lizzie currently lives with her family and dogs in Seattle, WA. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • @raeschon4532
    I really admire her ability to be vulnerable in front of an audience while talking about her mother's death. I watched my dad die of cancer, so I truly know how she felt.
  • @IamVel
    She is so right in what she says and points out in this talk. I realised lately that being in physically good shape is only part of being able to feel good. My mental state is struggling and there is no joy almost in anything. Without being 'healthy' mentally, it is impossible to be 'healthy' and content with myself and the world and the fact that we are here for only a short time.
  • @LizAguirreMD
    This was an absolutely incredible talk! Lizzie, you absolutely "get it" and you so beautifully articulated what I like to call person centered wellness. Our individual wellness journey is unique to our personal experiences, environment, culture, relationships and so much more. Thank you for this amazing talk.
  • @frankczuba3712
    Remarkable perspective. This makes so much sense. True wellness needs to be embedded in the things we love. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
  • @a.wilcox5690
    Love your message about wellness. I am 65 and am finally understanding how to support my wellness.
  • @Saavycupcake
    I recommend people picking up the book by Gabor Mate “when the body says no”. Many times we are not listening to the body or taking care of traumas that are impacting us. The body does not forget what has occurred to you and this can lead to a variety of chronic illnesses.
  • @jaelynrae8836
    As someone who lost my dad to a sudden fatal illness, I felt for her and the ways that she shared about her mom. This is such a brave presentation and such a wonderful message. You really do understand health/wellness in a different way when you watch someone you love take their last breaths. Holistic wellness is so so so important!
  • @dayannecena4766
    I love everything about this!!! Great job Lizzie!!! I need to give these talks to those around me and in my area!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  • @sandychandra3222
    Love it 💕 soon your message will spread across the world 🌎 🙏🏽
  • @jchittoor
    totally awesome session. so compassionate and so adaptable.
  • @SlySpartan117
    First time watching this Lizzie! You need to do more talks, you're an impressive speaker.
  • such an important talk and absolutely love the way it was presented! super interesting to listen to her 🤩
  • @user-fb1ys2lj9c
    I am so happy to have gone over what I know deep down is the truth of what she share with so many of us including myself obsessing about wellness but not pausing and re-evaluating our actions and thought processes of stressing about everything I enjoy this video and it was an insightful reminder of what is exactly I need for my wellness journey thank you I am filled with much gratitude by this lecture what touches me most when she shares about her mom passing she has a smile and to be it shows this lecture is not only educating her audiences but celebrating who her mom was by remembering these important and loving details I love this so much 🙏🏽
  • @jenniferc925
    Wow that was really good and inspiring... thank you - totally agree that if we really listen to our bodies we would be healthier and happier humans.
  • @souledout3239
    Outstanding and very impactful!! This talk covers various perspectives surrounding health I had not considered. Thank you.
  • Hi Lizzie. Congratulations. I loved your TED. You inspired me. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with te world...and with me. Be safe. Keep enjoying live :) 🙏🌻
  • @emily13579
    Amazing, extremely moving speech! Would love to read books by her
  • Honestly! Thank you! I am turning 50 this year and I am just beginning to come home to myself. Thanks for the confirmation and the access to see myself as well and that my environment has to pull for that too. I am more inspired by this and now I am going to delete all the yoga instructors I am following wishing I could morph my 50 year old body back to it’s 20something shape. I honestly like my body the way it is and I just want to get stronger as I grow older and also have all the other parts of my life working.