The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 1

Published 2023-05-21

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  • @lumilily4897
    Mark has never once played a game with complete full knowledge of what he is supposed to do yet he somehow still always wins
  • @sir380
    The fact that mark left to check on his dogs at the moment a new mechanic was introduced and explained is hilarious.
  • Eddie: struggling through the nights

    Mark: making it through 2 of the nights without realizing there are flashlights for the doors
  • Shoutout to Lixian for the good flashing lights warnings. It probably means nothing to most of us, but I'm sure the people with health issues that need to avoid flashing lights will appreciate someone that takes their needs into account when editing videos.
  • @MavisXe
    Whoever voices Afton in this game is literally a perfect representation of how I imagine a young Afton would sound to me.
  • @sgtjdawgx7995
    The interactions between Henry and William are oddly wholesome and I'm glad the devs took the time to put that "murderer charm" into his character
  • When Mark leaves us with the game running it feels the same as your mom leaving you at the checkout to grab something.
  • @klenklan7585
    Mark: "So hopefully I don't die on my birthday that'd be really depressing"
    Also Mark on his next birthday: Blood in eyes, bloody lip, and in the hospital again.
  • @montymole2
    markiplier: don't expect me to play every fnaf fan game in existence cause that is NOT happening

    also markiplier: *proceeds to do exactly the thing he said he wasn't gonna do*
  • I love how mark missed like the most important dialogue in the game, and had no idea there was a “animatronic” locking in his office
  • @gloomynia9097
    All jumpscares

    24:48 - Freddy looking into camera (he continues to look for a while)
    26:39 - Freddy scares the camera with his endoskeleton (also continues)
    32:21 - Puppet makes an appearance
    32:43 - Puppet again
    33:12 - Freddy endoskeleton scare again
    34:38 - !! Death jumpscare - endoskeleton

    I know this kinda ruins the horror experience but i know some people really need this. Hope it was helpful
  • @brodieling7733
    I work as a welder and the conversation between willam afton and Henry is literally just about every conversation that goes on between coworkers when on the job so I find it hilarious that Mark is basically saying what I'm thinking whenever someone starts talking about safety.
  • Hello! The developers of this game talk to you! We want to say thanks for playing it, we really enjoyed watching you and really can't believe you actually tried it out! While the game may not be perfect and still having small issies regarding some of the functionality, we truly appriciate the fact that you found our game pretty good :) Thanks everyone for the support, it a dream coming true. We are looking for move videos from Mark in the future!
    As well as the next game we are working on rn, we hope he will play it as well any time soon! Have a wonderful day!
  • @n_art_cissist
    love that william has a british accent like hes supposed to cuz even scott forgets about the accent in later canon games and its lowkey frustrating
  • @marxsilwex7989
    I love the fact that Mark kept his outro after so many years. Just goes to show that change isn't always better
  • @brogg2822
    The fact that this game is lore accurate is perfect
  • @lofival
    This is actually a verrryyyyy well constructed FNAF fan game that I’ve seen in a long while. Voice actors were fucking amazing, and the fact that mark didn’t know that the FLASHLIGHT EXISTED while checking the doors was anxiety inducing😅
  • @kalichambers7973
    Each call between William and Henry makes me laugh. I just imagine William sitting down, his feet on his desk as he talks, not really paying attention to what Henry has to say, yawning at one point and picking his nails.
  • @efenedick1305
    The fact that Mark just so happened to return right as the CEO mentioned a "puppet crawling into a man's mouth" is hilarious
  • @RandoSando.
    Mark, an adhd icon, hyperfixating on a mini game for 15 minutes. We love to see it