The Greatest BMX Game Ever Is Riders Republic

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Jaelan Harney
    Thank you Riders Republic for sending him a sponser so he would drop a video. They really looking out for us
  • HoodedRain
    Suki: Does a 360
    Berlin: “ I can do it too” Does a corkscrew 720 leaf whirlwind
  • Im Kyle
    Cross y’all fingers that Berlin’s consistency returns hopefully 🤞 😂
  • haven’t even watched a full minute of the play through and i already SMASHED the like button. Good to see ya Berlin
  • expiredkneecap
    “lot of brain to be swishing round”
    cant stand this man 😭😭😭
  • I was LITERALLY just watching his old stuff I didn’t see wondering when he was going to upload next. The fucking timing of this man is impeccable. Love you Berlin
  • Corn
    He's gotten so much better at this game compared to his first video, its crazy.
  • Soleil Alexis
    berlin and britani posting on the same day is pure bliss
  • Woshua
    Lmao Riders Republic is giving Berby the bag 🤣 he don't ever post a game this many times. Luv u bru
  • jrxzzyy
    Lmaoo!! the last trick he tried at 22:58 killed me 💀
  • Nes PLayZ
    I'm so glad Berlin brought this series back because his last gameplay had me in tears lol 😂
  • Ronald
    When Berleezy posts a video, i'm off my homework immediately and watching him, like i'm not sleeping to go to school
  • F A D 3 D
    ngl, berlin was actually giving excellent gameplay in this🔥
  • ClickTm
    It's always a good day when the eezy gang can sit back, relax, n watch some berleezy eugghhh🔥
  • tjay_blood
    Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth student lying hidden somewhere in this school, the one
    they call the ultimate despair, watch out for her
  • Angela White
    I'm so glad Berlin brought this series back because the last gameplay had in tears lol 😂
  • Dondre Henry
    YUUUURRRRRR WE IN HERE!!!!! Love your content my guy💯 your doin GREAT and you are SUCH a strong positive impact in my life💯🔥 deeply appreciate you!!!
  • Kirxumii
    Never fails to makes everyone laugh 😂😂
  • Mason Reaux
    Berlin is the king of character customization i really appreciate his attention to detail especially in longer full playthroughs like yakuza and sleeping dogs… Berlin aka the Style Bender!