Night JAZZ - Smooth Background Saxophone JAZZ Playlist For Relaxing

Published 2020-08-28
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Jazz and Bossa Nova Music is perfect to assist your relaxation, reading, studying, work, sleeping, focusing, stress relief, romantic dinner, cooking, or just as background music for any event in your life.

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All Comments (21)
  • Jazz is something that gives you the taste of heaven and immortality. Whenever I listen to jazz I feel calm, warm and alive again. Appreciate the moment when I first listened to jazz.
  • @rad0817
    I love jazz there is nothing better than jazz I have insomnia and this makes me able to sleep I thank you so much please keep bringing more songs of this type
  • @user-ti7qd3qf7z
    This is the most calming jazz I’ve ever listened to best so far
  • @autumnbr0718
    This is helping me so much with my anxiety
    I play this and put my phone away and just lay down and breathe.. omg thank you for this
  • I started listening to this nightly about 3 months ago and I cannot quit listening to it now I 💕 it ... 😘
  • @simona277
    This music just gives peace and positive energy😔😔
    And it works when a person is sad!!!🤧
  • @summerb3337
    Love this jazz I play your jazz every night while going to bed thank you 🙏🏽 , so relaxing helps my mind and body wine down
  • @dejak2954
    So relaxing and beautiful to listen to😻
  • @Beegeee40
    I put this on when im doing housework… and after a long day, I snuggle in bed with a cup of tea ..or on a snowy Saturday morning when I have no where to be-helps me to relax and focus or just calm my mind.
  • This brought peace to me after a harsh restless rushed day. The music is like cream froth. Light and smooth.
    Wish I could know who the artists were.