My Childhood Obsessions

Published 2021-11-05
Thomas is probably a Hufflepuff.


The Team!

Production / Project Manager: Nate

StoryBoard artist, Animator: Annie
   / @staranimations  

Animator: Michazike

Animator: Corbin Bowman ‘TokukuDude’

Animator: YellowAngiru

Animator: Charlie Bickett ‘Megacharlie’

Animator: Allen

BG artist: Sam

BG artist: Marrow Maniac

BG artist: Haricz

Story Boarder: J

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Tablet- Huion Kamvas GT-221

Programs- Adobe animate CC, Adobe Premiere Pro

Mic- Audio Technica AT 2020

Music: Lots of Nintendo songs hehe

Thank You:
Thanks for all the support guys! This Is a dream come true that you make possible!

Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with one can of baked beans idk

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  • @its.cosmic
    Can we just appreciate how smooth his animating has gotten
  • @br-4341
    Hufflepuff does seem fitting, as the Hufflepuff have a strong sense of right and justice. Kinda suits you with how you always try and correct other people to be in the right and help entertain others. Even in your own weird ways.
  • @BowlingSoup
    Fun fact- whenever the creators of South Park get writers block or need a break, they build Lego sets they have in the back of their office
  • @jesseortiz4419
    I've always loved Thomas the tank engine, even as of today. So it's really cool to hear that you were a former fan of the original show. 😊
  • @_praisesforgod
    I love this they are so relate able!!!!!!! ❤❤

    Stay being you Bryson!!!!!

    R.I.P all hamsters
  • @almondtruck
    i used to have this huge obsession with a book series called warrior cats, and the series is STILL GOING,
    i think it’s being going on for 20 years? maybe more or less?
  • I loved watching Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid! In fact, I was obsessed with it, so much so, either whenever I wanted or it was my birthday, they would get me toys that were made from the show. I literally watched so much of it that when it went to Nick Jr., I flipped out. I’m over the obsession now, but I still loved it!
  • @DANimations09
    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing he can draw dogs? Or whoever does the animating.
  • @hugeaxolotl
    Every Hufflepuff is upset at first but always end up loving it for some reason
  • @BelieverInGod0
    Why is that “WOOO!” scene so smooth? And The transition from being on the ground to flying on a broom was so perfect
  • Can we just appreciate how smooth his animation is nowadays? THIS BO- mAN HAS TALENT
  • @GrayAfton
    I have never met someone so similar to me. We are both obsessive demonic blondes who enjoy animation, setting things on fire, and hurting little siblings
  • @Nate20155
    Bryson:Destroys a civilization
    Also Bryson: They’re just tired
  • @user-mm8qb5vw7c
    2:32 I've got something to admit, the CGI Thomas is something I can accept since unlike most show redesigns they didn't stray to far away from the original character designs, the only difference of the models is that their mouths move, but the other redsign is something I can't accept, Thomas is not supposed to look like a train anime, ... A TRAINIME!!! I also watched the show as a kid, and it was my second favorite, right behind Team Umizoomi.
  • I actually like it when people shove a bunch of dog pictures in my face!❤🎉😊
  • dude... Bryson's humor and including it with modern day memes is just so amazing. I love this channel and recommend it to anyone.
  • @ComicsUnite
    Bryson do not worry about being a Hufflepuff, it means loyalty.