IgG4 + surprise theory of Galectin 3 (IgG4 part 8, update118)

Published 2023-12-06
Latest evidence showing the production of IgG4 antibodies in mRNA vaccinated with interesting information on vaccinated individuals on immunosuppressive compounds that finally open the door to understanding how these surprise side effects post mRNA shots are similar to IgG4-related diseases. This also opens the door to a very interesting and unusual theory of why we might see this effect, namely that part of the spike protein resembles one of the proteins in our bodies which might also account for prior cytokine storms seen in the unvaccinated.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Described content:
IgG4 in mRNA vaxxed: www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2023.09.29.2329635…
Theory blog: doorlesscarp953.substack.com/p/sars-cov-2-spike-pr…
IgG4 + Gal-3:
Spike galectin fold 1:
Spike galectin fold 2:
Spike galectin fold 3:
Spike cytokine storm: www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2022.83…
COVID treatment: f1000research.com/articles/9-1078

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All Comments (21)
  • @alanyoung8707
    As someone who got igG4 Related Disease approximately 2 weeks after getting a Moderna jab, I find these videos very helpful. I have been to 2 rheumatologists and other associated specialists and none of them are interested in understanding why this happened to me, only how to treat it.

    When you get an autoimmune condition that is trying to kill you, I want to know why this happened, especially when I was told the vaccine was safe and effective.

    Please continue this research, I need to know.
  • @Frederer59
    In a word, VAIDS? Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, feared this could happen from the beginning. He died soon after going public, somewhat suspiciously. The inventor of the pcr test also died under more suspicious circumstances.
  • @lorenagalvez3664
    I’m glad that these correlations are still being observed and question by a few scientists. Unfortunately as time goes on, most of the affected are already dead. And some of the current cancers will never be fully understood and associated as a result of the shot. The lack of free thinkers is not helping the new generation of doctors to freely practice medicine.😢
  • @womansvoice613
    Wow, this one is amazing! This type of long educational video is a right type. The longer you listen to it, the better you understand how it works. Even if you're not a medical expert. Thank you for sharing! Good luck in your work, Dr.!
  • @robertm2608
    -The greatest achievement in Medicine is the greatest case of medical malpractice in history.
  • @anndebaldo7381
    Very helpful! As a retired medical researcher, I am particularly appreciative of your final statements about how science works!!! THANKS so very much!
  • @craigfoster354
    My father, for no known reason, has developed terminal pulmonary fibrosis (scar tissue in the lungs). He never smoked or worked in polluted environs. He received at least two Pfizer MRNA shots during the pandemic. We see reports of greatly increased incidents of cardiac problems; has anyone looked at the recent incidence rates of ideopathic fibrosis in MRNA vaccinated individuals?
  • @erniefoster2
    Nice shirt, nice jacket, hair neatly combed. I wondered why? Then I realised. Its your Birthday.
    I hope you had a great day. 😊
  • @lorihendrix1165
    Thank you for sharing such important research and information.
  • @Milly1111-yi5iy
    I trust what my own eyes see
    And that is, healthy young people who got vaccinated, caught covid before any unvaccinated people I know, and had a harder time with the virus, than immune compromised, and elderly unvaccinated people
    No one in my family that’s unvaccinated, has had any lasting issues from the virus,
    They also aren’t catching the virus over and over again, unlike the vaccinated people
    Who seem to be constantly sick with everything
  • @Parianparlay
    Thank you, thank you, I managed to be able to follow what you said, as usual your descriptions enable me to follow along ‘most’ of the time 😊 It’s so important that this information is ‘out’ there! You’re a STAR Dr Reza..💫🙏🏻❤️
  • @janetones6221
    Great work!!! Isolating the culprit as to to the overstimulation at IgG4 antibodies is key. And somehow blocking the subsequent deliterious effects of Galtinian protein. The complexities in the human body never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps stem cell or proton antiproton may help in the future. Thank-you!!!!
  • @windrider5845
    Fibrosis! Is this what all of these Embalmers findings in the bodies since the pandemic? 😳
  • @wordswords2094
    Thank you for keeping us up to date. This is very important information. PS You look quite dapper today!
  • @stormwalker321
    Very fascinating ....this is the most important video on the internet ...presented perfectly by this brilliant gentleman... ....thank you
  • @LeukeGast
    As I see this, I have to think about Geert vanden Bosche Theory. This is exactly what we are seeing evolved, in real time and science.
  • @gordonfoat8269
    Bravo. I totally understood your suggestions. It's very serious with the sugar binding activity suggested. It seems that the fog is clearing on the instruments. Thank you!