The Great Goat Debate ⛳️ #165

Published 2023-11-29
In this episode, the guys start talking about the average golfer's black friday (16:12). Then they have a follow up on Mrs. M's golf group drama. They then add onto the next "Most Interesting Golf Course" List (43:32). Lastly, Ryan gets the group going with a debate between most influential: MJ or Tiger? (59:49)

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  • @TaylormadeDad
    Two things:

    1) Mrs. M. Your play partners need to do a better job of keeping their spouses in line out of respect for you. If they’re unwilling to stand up for you and for themselves, they don’t deserve you as a partner.

    2) Jordan is the single driving force behind sports. Tiger Woods is a great story and an incredible golfer. But Michael Jordan changed sports as a whole globally. Everybody recognizes that jump man logo.