5 people shot in Tacoma over the weekend

Published 2022-07-04

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  • Mikey Gonzalez
    Looks like his hi point must've jammed, hence the live round on the ground.
  • Kj Piper
    God knows we desperately need more men and women in blue 💙
  • Leah G
    Criminals don't obey laws.
    Criminals will always have access to guns. Enforce our LAWS
  • jamieabbucher
    That's so nice to see the chief out there on a nice beautiful day with all the law abiding citizens I wonder where he's at the rest of the night and morning when the crime is being committed but that's very nice of him to show up on a nice day
  • greenier
    Tacoma police chief needs to resign. Incompetence!
  • Kj Piper
    I am grateful to have this new Chief in Tacoma at this time. We need more black Police in office of Tacoma and this Chief has experienced allot in other states. He is seasoned. If anyone can make a good difference here I believe he can (not to say our past Chief lacked, but he is no longer here)
  • filthy rych
    Gotta pump those numbers up,those are rookie numbers.
  • Gloon Nug
    In a story about mass shooting.. the question is “are you safe anywhere?” 😂 That’s too much 😂 WHO said “ yes put it out” 😂
  • Dallas Bagley
    Man, Tacoma is on fire right now. Seems like there's literally a shooting every day now.
  • lori whinery
    I live in tacoma and I no longer feel safe!
  • Rob Barker
    Not gonna talk about that very obviously unfired hollow point they posed for the drama shot?
  • Mark De Haan
    Don't run away from a idiot with a gun. Don't be scared and run! You shoot back! Always be ready to act, not run away! Throw a rock do something ! never run away!
  • Well, bless the 4th of July..nowhere is safe right now. I do not own a gun. Pretty good dart thrower though.
    If, someone's acting crazy, report it. Record it.
  • Trent
    Hey King 5. Do your job and ask how many arrests were made. Oh wait, journalism is dead
  • Larry Hill
    Actually, the lack of police in Tacoma is obvious to anyone. They are just not visible.
  • MH
    Lacey is not Tacoma