Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

Published 2022-09-17
Once again, various gun control groups are pushing for a national Assault Weapon Ban that specifically targets AR-15s. Does the AR-15 deserve all this hate? Does the argument for restricting "military-style rifle" ownership hold up? Isaac Botkin walks through the history of every step of small arms weapon development to see if there is a case for this.

Vintage firearms kindly provided by Ethan at ilovemuzzleloading.

Check out a T.REX podcast conversation with Ethan about these firearms HERE: tinyurl.com/2e6ntaz2

00:00 Intro
03:32 A History of Small Arms
04:08 Matchlocks
04:32 Flintlocks
08:13 Percussion
09:01 Sharps Breech Loader
11:34 Henry Lever Action Repeater
12:39 Mauser Bolt Action
14:05 M1 Garand
15:43 AK-47
18:10 M-16
19:53 AR-15
21:07 Weapons of War
22:53 Crime Prevention
23:41 Military vs. Sporting Arms
25:36 Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

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  • This should be required viewing for everyone. Extremely informative and educational. Thank you for not only equipping people like me with gear to help defend myself and my family, but also the vital videos you produce like this one.
  • connor grogan
    You had me until you said you don’t need a grenade launcher for home defense
  • J Bell
    One of the best explanations I've ever heard. Very well done!!!! The general public should watch this!!!
  • "The IRS can have them. The FDA can have them. The Department of Education can have them. But you can't." That is the key to their motive. Great video.
  • 3091181
    What everyone needs is people like you representing them in their legislative body.
  • Miles 127
    Love the Daddy Garand cameo lmao
    Side note: Tony Montana would argue the grenade launcher for home defense.
  • Los
    That exchange between Cicilline and Massie is one of the most frustrating things I have ever witnessed.
    You cannot effectively legislate something which you know nothing about.
    The fact that he won't even consider the fact that he doesn't understand shows he is there simply to push his agenda and grandstand.
  • Troy Huss
    Great video. Thank you for the true history and true facts.
  • David Billiter
    Best platform out there imho. I dont even own a wood stocked rifle anymore . Versatility is a biggie for me. Same lower receiver means stock and trigger familiarity. Different caliber uppers allows me to use that family lower for everything I enjoy doing with a rifle . And accuracy is more than acceptable when proper components are used to build the uppers .
    Its a modern sporting rifle. Loved a automobile comparison. I've used similar talking points before . I usually say I will give up my AR when law makers start driving 50s model cars as everyday drivers. Cars evolve .....guns evolve. Why do I have to drive a 50s model gun ?
  • Yitzi Kaner
    Handguns are only accurate to 50 yards. That's another point where AR-15's are needed. They are accurate at up to 500 yards. A large yard or building is more than 50 yards. Also, the thirty round mag helps since when one is nervous in a gunfight, shots could be missed. Great vid!!!
  • Y.E. KahunaKalash
    Ironic, the banning of modern "military style" features for safety, actually makes the firearm unsafe.
  • 321aquaponics
    I’m not, initially, a fan of the AR platform. Possibly because I grew up in the M-16 era of the Vietnam war.
    I have decided that I should own one. They use the most commonly available ammo.
    There return-to-target capability is unmatched.
    It’s the Lego of weapons platforms.
    My Buddy has one, and it’s just flat fun to shoot.
  • CajunMan
    Excellent teaching video....very informative.
  • Jesse Black
    What a fantastic review of firearms history. You kept things clear and concise. Thanks
  • Logan H
    I love how he says the results of taking civilian weapons away is not great while grabbing the ak.
  • Jordan Werzinski
    You can even argue that the M4-A1 currently in service with Army Infantry is behind civilian rifles since it lacks a free float rail, has inferior ergonomics, lacks qd sling attachment, lacks quick attach suppressor mount, is issued with optics from the early 2000s, etc.
  • J. O'Malley
    you have earned a "Subscribe" with one video. I look forward to more