The Age of Broken Video Games

Published 2023-03-16

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  • jakey is like that one cousin you like but can't see till christmas and when you see him you're entertained for the time he's there, thank you jakey
  • @Teimo
    It really feels like our expectations have been lowered so much that game companies fixing their bugs is seen as going above and beyond.
  • I’ve never even heard of Michael Clayton until 10 minutes ago. What a classic. Definitely in my list of movies that exist, just wow
  • @realtayo42
    This man delivers 10/10 videos every single time
  • @Luka-rr9xg
    This man doesnt upload frequently but when he does oh boy is it entertaining! Thank you Jakey for another masterpiece for us to enjoy
  • Thank you for making the distinction between the developers and the publishers, so many people love to blame the devs who pull 16 hour days and miss their child’s first words or first steps to get these products to us and even then when it’s not enough they do the same thing for another few months to get it fixed and finished. Cyberpunk is in my top 3 games ever and I still see the dev team getting so much hate online for how the release happened, but it’s all on the shoulders of investors and executives. Remember guys, we speak with our wallets not our words.
  • @EddyBurback
    mom!!!! he’s back!!! the yoga ball gamer is back!
  • Jakey makes me feel like im hugging my favorite can of diced pineapples after a long day of work everytime he uploads
  • @deanc9195
    Always nice to have Jakey back. Hope he and his are thriving
  • I could just watch Jakey, Jakey and Jakey Attorneys at Law doing commercials for random companies all day
  • No matter how big the gaps of time between your videos, its always resonating and worth it! Always happy to see new content at a healthy pace that works for you.
  • @noahlelas646
    NakeyJakey is the only person who can make a sponsorship advert entertaining.
  • @drewisgooden
    had to pause Michael Clayton for this I hope you're happy
  • Every time we see you post a video, my partner and I make popcorn and put you up on our TV instead.. because sir.. you deserve the TV.
    Thank you for continuing your awesomeness all these years later and how much work you put into your videos. You make our day every time we see you if only a few times a year ❤
  • @jayko-mayko2285
    God dammit, you never cease to impress me with your editing and everything
  • After watching jakey for years I can say with 3000 percent certainty this man does not disappoint 👏 like you are the pinnacle of CONTENT
  • @BasterCod
    Jakey is never late nor early, he appears when we need him most
  • Always a treat seeing a new Jakey video appear in my feed. Love you brother, hope life is SICK AS HELL
  • @chasebattles
    you killed me with that taco analogy. look forward to more videos cause man your comedy is the best