Amber Heard destroys the world (cartoon)

Published 2022-06-16

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  • @usmantariq3316
    This is one of the most random things I’ve ever seen. Jordan Peterson in a post apocalyptic world alongside with giant lobster king,talking about Pirates of the Caribbean is just downright awesome.
  • @Goat-on-a-Stick
    Leave it to Flashgitz to make a dialogue between a man and a lobster so goddamn compelling.
  • @SXR123_YT
    Each animation gets trippier than the last and yet they always (sort of) make sense in the end.

    God speed, kings.
  • @Thomas-hh2yu
    I appreciate your ability to make fun of people without grossly misrepresenting them, Peterson himself would probably think this is funny.
  • @willowe23
    Can we just appreciate the research that went into making this 100% accurate portrayal of Jordan Peterson's way of speech. Holy shit guys. I feel like I was listening to one of his books.
  • Seeing Peterson deliriously happy as the Lobster King sailing the ship of Theseus across the ocean of chaos was strangely wholesome.
  • @ApplePielife
    Would've been out of this world if they actually got Jordan to voice himself haha.
  • @alid5383
    The quality of satire you guys produce, is brilliant.
  • @masterkek4243
    LMAO, he absolutely nails some of the phrases, words, and metaphors that Jordan Peterson uses and parodies them so well. What a masterpiece.
  • @bryannaself5928
    "By the fish lady, she's a slippery bitch" I straight up love this😂
  • @thorinblack8074
    I'm not gonna lie- that was a brilliant/hilarious representation of JP. The satire is real and you dudes nail it every time.
  • @TmanT321
    The level of satire in this video in the first 2 minutes is amazing. I love Flashgitz because their sole goal is to make fun of internet culture as a whole. They nail it pretty much every time.
  • @anbuopwilly149
    "Honestly Jordan I'm having a hard time keeping up with what you're saying but you can't give up". Fucking died.
  • @kyotosomo
    This was truly the moment Walter became Jordan Lobsterhands
  • @user-cu3qs1zi1b
    God I love this. I wish Peterson himself did the voice, I really don't think he'd have been opposed to it
  • I cried a little and had shivers from an epic buildup speech.
    and a part of me is proud that your hard work has had such an impact on me
    and another part is ashmed, that something like this touched me on an emotional physical level.
    god damn, you are dazzling!
  • @radonstone
    It's oddly soothing to understand everything that's happening in this animation.
  • @wesleyscott2719
    This had no reason being so good, the perfect amount of parody and actual praise (rightly so) was in great taste.
  • @throwacnt7603
    At times mockery, at times praise but still hilarious. What you did with the crying is just so creative! I didn't see that coming and it was hilarious.