Google Earth Pro - A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Published 2021-01-12
This is a complete guide to Google Earth Pro for beginners. In this tutorial, we provide you a solid understanding of what Google Earth actually is, and some of the basic functionalities which you can use if you are new or just getting started with Google Earth.

Google Earth is a virtual representation of the Earth as a globe, which has a massive amount of data embedded within its system, such as satellite and aerial images, topographic information, streets and road networks, 3D representations of buildings and landmarks and so much more when it comes to different geographic information. So, check out this tutorial and see what exciting features Google Earth Pro has to offer!

Google Earth Pro Advanced Tutorial (PART 1) -

Here's the timeline:
00:00 - Introduction to Google Earth
01:00 - Downloading Google Earth Pro Desktop application
02:14 - Introduction to the interface of Google Earth Pro
02:40 – Navigating
10:45 – Boarders and Labels (layers panel)
11:45 – Pictures (Layers panel)
13:03 – Roads (Layers panel)
13:25 – 3D Buildings (Layers panel)
13:50 – Terrain feature (Layers panel)
15:31 – Coordinate and altitude information
20:38 – Calculating geometrical properties (length, area)
25:10 – Revisit the past using historical imageries
27:10 – Searching for locations in Google Earth Pro
28:36 – Getting directions
29:35 – Street view
33:35 – Capturing a high-resolution image

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  • Very clear and informative presentation. The narration is par excellence and the knowledge can be grabbed very easily even by a layman or by a student. Good Job, well done!
  • Willy Boccecolla
    All YouTube tutorials should be this good! One question: When using the RULER function in Line or Path mode, is the distance given as "Map Length" a straight line thru space between the delineated points - i.e. as would be measured on a flat paper map? As such the length of the line would NOT take into account differences in elevation (surface contour) along the delineated path. Is this latter (i.e. actual distance you would travel if you walked or drove the delineated path) the quantity which is commonly referred to as "Driving Distance"? The Ruler Dialogue box will sometimes show "Ground Length" but it never seems to vary that much from the "Map Length" value. Is there a way to get the "Driving Distance" (albeit by any means of traverse walking, biking, etc ) from Google Earth (Pro)? And what exactly is that "Ground Length" value in the dialogue box?
  • Corina Chan
    Thank you very much for this lecture. I've heard and even used Google Earth once in a blue moon in its most basic form. This video really astounded me greatly and I had no idea what a fantastic app this really is. I'm now going to download this tool and keep it permanently and I'm sure going to have lots of fun with it.
  • Luciano
    Simply fantastic, very well explained and very didactic. Congratulations. Thank you very much!
  • Carl Vaz
    I was glued to this excellent presentation! It was so well narrated and clearly presented. Previously, I had not known that this excellent and comprehensive tool existed. Thank you very much!
  • Earth+
    Absolutely brilliant!!! Very clear and no distractions, such as, background music and stupid jokes. I'm not new to Google earth, still I learnt so many small things didn't know. Looking forward to watch the advance tutorial.
  • Sorour Nasimi
    Very helpful, comprehensive, and thorough. Thank you.
  • This is the most detailed tutorial I have seen so far on the capabilities of Google Eerth. Very great description of the fundamental features.
  • Mandyjacotin
    Absolutely, very enjoyable. I learned a lot. Thanks a million.
  • Mei Kleine
    Thanks a lot for this well explained and demonstrated presentation.
  • Saurabh Rana
    Hey amazing video always ! Can you also make videos on creating points and polygons on Arc map and extruding them in Arc scene .. ! ...
  • Johann Deale
    Excellent video. Clealy spoken and explained. I think it is the best video I have yet seen on YouTube. !!!
  • Don Walker
    Thank you very much for the insight into this wonderful program. So many features and it is free (I hope). I can remember upgrading to Windows '95 (in 1995) so I could run the Microsoft Map program. I can remember the Fly Around feature, that was cool! Again, thanks.
  • Miss_Idolize P
    Excellent explanation sir. I'm just getting to know GE and your tuts will help me so much. Thank you.
  • C Q
    Wow! This is so neat. I had used Google Earth many times but this showed me a lot I did not know. I subscribed. Thanks for sharing.
  • D.C. Golden
    This is an excellent presentation. Now I can use Google Earth without having to guess.
  • Aster Ng
    Great information, because your presentation is very good and very clear.
    Thank You
  • Danny Gumato
    Great tutorial! Love it. Thanks for sharing. Just subscribed.