Dawn of Darkness (Full Episode) | Savage Kingdom

Published 2020-12-21
Led by a ruthless commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled warrior queen is hell-bent on winning back the throne for the Matahta Pride. Pula, ruler of the dark heart of the kingdom, is forced to make a terrible choice between true love and her own future. And a wandering vagrant is lured in by the promise of paradise, only to find herself trapped in a deadly hell.

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Savage Kingdom is back with real-life drama from Mombo, Northern Botswana, where peace never lasts long, and power comes with a price. Available to stream next day on Hulu.

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Dawn of Darkness (Full Episode) | Savage Kingdom

National Geographic

All Comments (21)
  • Anime Amv Maker
    The narrator ABSOLUTELY engaged me in this episode!!!
    His voice is so thrilling, and the comments he makes, and the way he says them, like the one of “ only a fool could believe such nonsense” was absolutely PERFECT!!!
    If anyone knows any other episodes this specific narrator has done, or his name, so I can search up the narrations he has done, pls reach out to me and lmk.
  • Inno Nhara
    Brilliant , excellent storytelling. Amazing how you manage to follow around these beasts and take great shots without disrupting their lifestyles. I have renewed respect for the wild dog. Chews off the backside of a warthog whilst it's still alive. No better savagery
  • Grant
    Love this documentary so much! The narrator is amazing, also let's not forget the writer Andy Mitchell! Thank you for making this available for free!
  • Michael Anderson
    Some people are just born for certain jobS. This narrator has the perfect words, perfect tone, perfect voice and absolutel perfect timing and delivery for certain moments in this documentary. Bravo
  • Marta D'Amico
    Fantastic documentary!! Five stars, from narration to the cinematography!! Highly recommend! (I've watched 100's if not 1000's of nature docs, so I know a good one when I see one!!)
  • Corry Black
    The Narrator is making this whole episode into a movie
  • jerlee620
    For every Savage Kingdom..there is a Savage Narrator
  • K.Kleopatra K.
    A unique, bright narration, strengthened by a profound, strong voice, transformed this episode into an absolutely astonishing film! Thank you!
  • So well done ! I was enthralled during the entire presentation, certainly worthwhile.
  • “Only a fool could believe such nonsense”..

    I felt that part on a spiritual level lol 😂
  • Vaisy
    I got emotional when the leopard fed on the cub😩. Kudos to the team, it's a very challenging and risky job. Perfect video quality and best narrator ever❤️
  • Phenomenal narrator for an even more phenomenal episode!!
    “ Until then, they will trust no one.”
    Great advice for life .
  • Trissy
    I absolutely adore Felines, they’re so graceful and beautiful yet immense and menacing. Leopards are right up there on my list of felines and I absolutely adore the way they look and carry themselves. Beautiful creatures. The lions are gorgeous too.
  • This is absolutely stunning. I love the voice over. There is always something special about watching nature and animals.
  • Visible Beyond
    Very good episode and good narration. I like watching wildlife and ironically learn from these savages on how to be a good human and be focused in life as danger can come anytime; and also see that many-times humans behave like these savages. Really like how animals of the same kind have each back to fight the bad guys in their opinion. Sad to see animals harm others cubs/ young-ones even if of their same kind, the DNA obsession that is there in humans too. Having said that Blue Eyes is a very inhumane cat, trying to harm its own cub ...... bad cat.
  • ortyse mazone
    I LOVE ALL the episodes of Savage Kingdom, but this is the best one yet and ever made!!!!! Make some more!!!!
  • This is an awesome video! It showcased the prey-predator interaction between the animals in the savanna in clear and interesting ways.
  • Gerald Tushabe
    How the narrator inserts himself in the medulla oblongata of the animals is truly remarkable. Good job😂🤗