Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Commanders | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-27

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  • JGEEditz
    I’m so proud of my team. Brian Robinson is a beast and this defense is scary and honestly starting Taylor heinicke was the best thing that happened to us. LETS GO COMMANDERS!

  • Luxkai
    Great job. Ravens is my #1 team but Washington is definitely my #2. Congratulations 😈🖤😈
  • Corey Hoskinson
    As an eagles fan lifelong

    This is the first year I've been happy for every single team in my division normally it feels like a rivalry but this year it's just awesome to see our division doing great
    Hell yeah from 1-4 to 7-5 ! Let's go Washington! There's hope for us ! Proud of you guys! Keep grinding !
  • Abe
    NFC east and AFC east, they both are the most competitive division of the league after so many years. It’s really awesome to see all the 4 teams of a division in the playoffs. Maybe it won’t happen but the effort that all these 4 teams have put into their games is something precious.
  • Charles Foster
    As a former long time Panther fan, I gotta say that watching Heinicke be successful and having fun while he does it makes me extremely happy for the man. He never really got a fair shot in Charlotte, but obviously river boat Ron saw something there too. Good to see a likeable underdog get the time and stage to shine.
  • Big Slimm
    Good game to my Commanders. 💪🏽 It's crazy how a team starts off at 1-4 and then wins 6 of their next 7 games. What a comeback story. The energy has definitely shifted since Heinicke was named as the starter. That energy even woke our defense up. ATL has been the first team to actually run against us successfully so far. I knew this was gonna be a tough game, but we did what we had to do. Let's keep this streak going. #HTTR 💪🏽 The best plays of the game was @1:24 and @10:41.
  • Francis McCloskey
    Heinike with a multiple touchdown game! Damn proud of the Commanders! Glad to be a Washington fan!
  • Un Known
    I've been saying it since last year that Heinicke should of been the starter
  • SP-Boogie
    Loving the chemistry. This style reminds me of the 80s. Enjoying the ride Commanders!!! Great job fighting
  • Sailor1010
    I’m really impressed with Jamin Davis’s growth. Man is making some punishing tackles.
  • Noah Tha Goat
    Coming from an Eagles fan, I can say the Commanders are 🔥🔥. . Robinson got that dawg in him frfr! Much respect for y’all ✊🏾💯
  • Donnie Gordon
    I can not believe at this point in the season I am saying this but My Commanders are on the Come up and a Nightmare for anyone we play in this Season. Hopefully we can finish Strong and get to the Playoffs Healthy! Heinicke is the Difference, Robinson is a Monster Defense is Legit! Oh yeaaa and we get Chase Young back next week. Good luck Rest of the NFL 😆😂
  • Timothy Mendoza
    Safe to say Wentz is done. This kid got the team on his back
  • Waxx Mann
    Defense. That dominant defense. Sean Taylor 21 type defense. Crazy mad defense. Wait till Chase eases back in. Beautiful defense.
  • Rick Ashmun
    Seattle fan here, Congrats Washington DC! Wow, 7-5! You guys look legit.
  • As a Vikings fan, I will tell you this much: That Washington D is definitely Top-5. They're for real. And I don't see any way the Giants hold off the Commanders for a WC spot. Two teams going in opposite directions. In fact, I have the Commanders beating the Cowboys in what could be an impactful Game 17. Commanders are just a tough, gritty team, and I don't think anyone sane wants to play them in the postseason.
  • TheBrotherhood
    So proud and extremely happy. This team has so much heart and determination. So excited about this season and the future. Keep it going gang! Let's Go Washington 🏈