I Faked Minecraft's Most Popular Challenge to Prove a Point

Published 2024-04-19
I faked a Skyblock series by uploading 'less than true' episodes for 5 weeks straight and nobody noticed...

Now it's time to return to the hardcore world!

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Watch the full skyblock series:
   • Loony vs Skyblock  

Watch my hardcore series:
   • A Tale of a Loonatic - Hardcore S2  

Check out my previous hardcore series!
   • The Loony Adventure - Hardcore S1  

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  • @LoonyMC
    EDIT: The comments on this one got pretty wild lol. Before you get mad here's a thought: faking and cheating are different things, one of those is clearly(!) bad and the other one can be a great way to subvert expectations and trick your (loyal) viewers for entertainment. I'll let you figure things out from there xD Original pin: I've been so excited to upload this one! If I tricked you, leave a like on the video! Want to play Minecraft on a server with your friends? Get a 25% discount on a RocketNode server with code LOONY: billing.rocketnode.com/aff.php?aff=990483
  • @8tex
    Fair play on making it believable, it def was confusing to think you started a new series and just leaving the old hardcore behind, but it seems there was an answer, not far away lmao
  • @Martin_Koepl
    The original SkyBlock was set in a cold biome with snow and freezing water. So not that suspicious.
  • @ClairicBeast
    I actually think it's very normal for (almost) nobody to have caught on because there wasn't a reason to actually mistrust you. Fake also seems like a strong word cause you actually did the whole thing and it was a very cool side project :3
  • @mrkunga9404
    Lmao, and here I was thinking something along the lines of "dude why are you freaking out, if you die now you'll lose like an hour of playtime, which sucks but it's not that big of a deal" how wrong I was... 🤣
  • @SB737
    naked and afraid? WHAT DOES IT MEAN
  • @mdbgamer556
    Honestly, the only fake thing about it is it wasn't a legit skyblock world. Everything else was fully legit. You didn't cheat the items or effort that went into the sky island itself, and I'd even argue the extra effort of setting it up and hiding what evidence you could was still an impressive ordeal, especially when one fall could not only lose you your hardcore world as a whole, but reveal the entire gameplan in an embarrassing fail. Honestly, pretty impressive altogether.
  • I didn't get fooled because this is the first video I'm watching on your channel
  • @miksnabeld5431
    This is coincidentally the only videos from you I haven’t watched. I noticed that you started a skyblock series, but I watched so many back in the day that it simply doesn’t attract me anymore. But if I would have known that there was a mystery to solve I probably would have watched it.
  • @ZdinoYT2
    How to fake vids then still profit and not make your rep bad
  • @GuruGrue
    When the King became a jester. Man, i was FOOLED.
  • @Pwng_NAME
    this guy just made whole new series in his aalready ongoing hardcore world only to announce a new smp
  • When you uploaded the first episode I literally thought if only you were doing it in your hardcore world. LOL
  • @Damglador
    A major spoiler is you didn't unlock recipes as you would in a normal new world. Like if you fall in water you unlock boat recipe, you get wood and unlock sticks and crafting table recipe, but it didn't happen, because you already unlocked all recipes in the game
  • @AJBallistic
    that is the coolest thing ever I love it, side note i cant believe you risked your world like that, thats extremely brave
  • @chubbyghost
    I don’t play enough skyblock to have even recognized that the mushrooms were wrong lol very clever
  • this is some advanced clickbait. thought this was going to be a video complaining about a lot of 100 day hardcore worlds being fake, but then i get a 5000 day hardcore video instead
  • @chaosinyolife
    Ngl was fooled, but did think about the mushrooms, but thought it was just a custom skyblock world lmao.