Gravitas: Russian State TV issues a chilling warning

Published 2022-05-04
Russian State Television has issued a chilling warning. A news report simulated a nuclear attack against the UK and Ireland. How serious is this threat? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

#Gravitas #Russia #NuclearAttack

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All Comments (21)
  • Devansh Negi
    Whether we take these threats seriously or not what's scary is that all countries with nuclear weapons are capable of actually what is told.
    This presenter is one of the few who actually respect the audience. Thank you.
  • Tra
    It’s awful that people even have these kinds of weapons. Life is a precious fleeting thing. Shame on all who destroy it.
  • Sue Blackwood
    Very very sad and frightening and in this day and age just feel sorry for the kids many evil people out there
  • Moses Hunja
    Always believe what a man says then guard yourself against it. Too many have passed on thinking threats were a joke or simply idle talk. Guard yourself first and do not respond publicly, once you do, you empower the aggressor.
  • Harry Fuller
    You know it’s funny, I’ve travelled to India many times from the UK, the consistent vibe I get is that the Indians are grateful for what ultimately brought their country forward, like the legal system, transportation networks etc. I’ve never met a single Indian who despised me for the past, in turn I’ve always called India my spiritual home - amazing county, amazing hospitality and amazing people. In my opinion, India is one of the last true bastions of freedom and you have not experienced life until you have set foot in that country.
  • time 4 Change
    Мы бы не доверили ни одному из этих мировых лидеров присматривать за нашими детьми хотя бы час. Как мы можем доверить им будущее детей и внуков или даже их существование.🌏Один мир для многих, а не для немногих
  • WinChun78
    Whether this is just sabre rattling or not, there is a damned unpleasant vibe in the air, of a like I have never felt before, at any time in my life. You can sense negativity coming, even before it takes on its physical manifestation. We are heading into very difficult waters, make no mistake.
  • T - Remma
    It’s never good to not take threats seriously!!! If it come out the mouth it’s in the heart and in the thoughts!!! When you don’t take threats seriously is when you feel it can’t happen then the surprise!!!
  • Deanna Brigham
  • Rn Kn
    Nothing Russia dares to do would not immediately be returned in equal or greater measure. He is effectively describing his own country. How anyone would support this country is truly baffling.
  • M Luis Nosce
    They thought Russia was joking about Ukraine until the invasion happened.
  • Lika Mero
    If there was a nuclear war, I'd prefer to be on the heart of impact and be vaporised without any sufferings than to survive and try to live out a nuclear winter with no hope of survival, dying slowly. 😷
  • Jack Boot
    Any credible threat of nuclear action should be answered immediately and decisively, otherwise there is no end to the danger.
  • Richard Short
    My opinion on this is, the last large tsunami that hit Japan had more power causing it, than what an under the sea nuclear explosion could ever possibly set off. Even the Tsar Bomba, the one that scared the 💩 out of Russia and so consequently caused them to stop detonating anything larger would not cause a Tsunami so big it would swamp the UK, Ireland. They could cause more damage from a low level atmospheric blast than anything under the water.
  • kelly allen
    Imagine how beautiful would peace would be? It's sad it can't be that way.
  • TV Africa 2
    Welcome back my dear Palki, I was already missing you big on the screen and now I am happy.
  • Hermon moussi
    it gets dangerous when countries act like if there s a winner in a nuclear war. The people talking about it have their bunkers. Its actually like making a threat to your own people who are going be the victims of any retaliation. As a father i feel guilty bringing them in this world thats about to collapse.