Bombay Bicycle Club - Lose You To Love Me in the Live Lounge

Published 2020-01-23
Bombay Bicycle Club cover Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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  • @Kammey
    This cover was unexpected but glorious.
  • @barradefestival
    I love this band and when i discovered this song in Spotify it was amazing. I checked in Youtube this video and I realized that was a Selena Gomez´s cover. I´ve never thinked to love a Selena´s song, but the original version is as incredible as this one. Congrats for the original and the cover one!
  • @forancrap
    this cover brings me so much joy and hope, it's awesome
  • @rachelmmurray
    These live lounges seem to bring out such interesting covers. What a fun treat - love to see what inspires the musicians who inspire us
  • @justincase214
    listened to this cover version and then after awhile decided to listen to the original (Selena). I wasnt expecting for the original version to be heart wrenching (i cried a little) bcs this cover was lovely and upbeat. personally appreciate this cover a lot cus ive replayed it like crazy on spotify so thank you bombay bicycle club.
  • @bensonsj98
    I certainly didn't expect this. Pleasant.
  • @Bebealc
    I can't believe some people say that this cover sucks , the arrangement is brilliant and the combination of both of their voice makes it perfect. Somes fans can truly be deaf when it comes to listen to a cover of their favourite artists ...
  • @laurasaysyay
    one my favorite indie bands singing one of my favorite pop singers lol incredibly great
  • @jmaydon7207
    Wow that girl has a beautiful voice, what a great cover.
  • @miscow
    Im kinda addicted to this version..
  • @handlestoka79
    this arrangement is superb, but I want a larger woofer now, that bass is so cool!
  • @buckwiild2101
    Everything about this band Is perfect 🥰so glad I came across this