"The best day of my life" CMAT on meeting Miriam Margolyes, girl dinners and cowboy boots

Published 2023-12-06
CMAT took Radio 1 thrift shopping to chat about everything from being an annoying child growing up and her best thrift store finds, to performing on Graham Norton and meeting her hero.

Watch the whole thing on BBC iPlayer here:

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All Comments (3)
  • @wawahweewah
    She is the best! I really hope she gets all the success she deserves. Sooo bloody talented!! Come do some shows in New Zealand 🇳🇿
  • @user-cu7qs8lk4u
    She it's absolutely awesomeness love her style and where she goes to get stuff icon of my time cmat your Amazing we love youu stay true and hope to see more and more music your performance on Graham Norton was incredible ❤