The Cassowary: The Last Surviving Dinosaur | 4K Wildlife Documentary | Real Wild

Published 2021-09-23
Over the course of one tumultuous season our cassowary Bertha, her partner and her chicks battle fearsome predators and formidable rains, but also play an invaluable role in sustaining life in this ecological hotspot.

Dino Bird: Dino Bird is a visually spectacular one-hour film that explores the life of the endangered southern cassowary through the eyes of matriarch Bertha, as she and her family strive to survive in the tropics of northern Queensland in the oldest rainforest on Earth.Dino Bird is an intimate and rarely seen portrait of one of Australia's last remaining southern cassowaries.

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All Comments (21)
  • Paola Animator
    I love the Cassowary, such visually interesting birds, especially with the large crest on their heads. I hope they will continue to survive and thrive <3 I can't believe that 8 eggs, 4 eggs got destroyed, 3 chicks hatched but only 1 chick survives. Nature is tough out there...
  • desiguy55
    kudos to the film makers for this documentary. it's not easy filming cassowaries because they are territorial and pretty aggressive towards humans. must have used plenty of long shots.
  • Gothic Oma
    Beautifully filmed. I'm studying Ornithology and documentaries like this one can't be watched fast enough! ❤️
  • Nathaniel Lollis
    This has to be one of the most beautiful and information PACKED nature documentaries I've watched and listened to. The naration is just wonderful!!! Always have been an animal lover. At 64 yrs, watching this makes me feel like the little kid I used to be again. Absolutely LOVE this one!!!!!
  • Cindy Bogart
    I think this bird is gorgeous. 40 yrs old, is amazing. I pray these birds are protected,no matter the cost. They are magnificent. I was not aware that they were still alive. Thanks for this video.
  • arara1999
    Although centered around the natural history of the cassowary, for me this was a beautiful ode to the Daintree Rain forest. Thank you for the gorgeous shots of Bennett's tree-kangaroo, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Paradise Kingfisher, pademelons, Spotted Catbirds....I can appreciate the investment of time and patience it took to get these images. Bravo. My only whinge is about the predictable juxtaposition of footage of predators and prey to create 'drama'. It feels like all nature docs resort to this but after seeing it ad nauseam it becomes a bit predictable...
  • Fascinating documentary. I've always been an awe of these dinosaurs, they are the only living example of what it was like back then; however, I have not learned much about the forest dwellers having seen primarily the open grassland types. While Bertha is a vegetarian her relatives are not and kill lizards and small animals for food. They catch their prey and then smash it against the ground with that massive neck killing or disabling it and then rip it apart with their massive bills. Bertha, terrifying as she may be, is not a killer although I'm sure she would kill anything that bothered her. The fact that the cassowaries feed the forest that feeds them is one of those mysterious and timeless partnerships that humans should be more aware of instead of simply cutting down the forest for money.
  • Exidy YT
    Cassowarys are amazing birds. TBH of all the birds shown in this documentary, it's the bower-birds I like the best. They are the closest to certain types of humans that I know, and they always give me a grin.
  • C D
    Warning: watching this beautifully presented documentary will cause a roller coaster of emotions
  • Diego suple
    by far one of my favorite animals of all time - I love the overall attitude and mysterious nature of the bird.
  • deb bino
    Loved this documentary. Kudos to those who put so much effort into sharing with us!!!
  • LynnC
    Gives you an idea just how colorful dinosaurs could be.
  • Deborah Durkee
    On a trip to Cairns in the mid-60s, in a bend in the road running through the rain forest, we encountered a cassowary. It was so very exciting.
  • Great documentary, I love watching them in the wild they are a real treasure to our rainforest and it goes to show they have enough problems in the wild without us humans intervening, we need to protect these areas so our children can enjoy them as well.
  • Ted Cabana
    Yes ladies and gents, this is the evolved ancestor of the Oviraptor we all now from the Jurassic period. Absolutely Amazing creature!
  • Chi Chi
    Excellent documentary, told in story form. Bertha definitely knows how to rule the roost. 😁
  • polar
    29:57 I didnt know that's how a python can climb up the tree. It has a pattern of how it wraps its body against the tree as it climbs. Its very interesting!
  • B Mell
    So cute that they’re born with their little throat waddle already growing! 🥰🙏🥰