Machine Gun Kelly - in these walls (feat. PVRIS)

Published 2020-04-14

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  • @callmekrozz1136
    This was my roommates favorite song. He overdosed monday morning. Rest in paradise skyler
  • @anyasparrow21
    Two years later and the goosebumps are still real 🥴👌🔥
  • @syaf814
    the amount of time i listened to this song is unhealthy
  • @sahildas8382
    Man this guy's just on another level. He's been absolutely on fleek during this lockdown. First Paramore cover, then Oasis cover with yungblud, then smoke and drive, what's Poppin freestyle, then pretty toxic revolver and now in these walls. He's absolutely Killin it.
  • @user-wu1gm8xz9u
    Idc what anyone says about mgk, the man is talented and deserves more recognition. He just misunderstood.
  • Bro, Colson out here making this quarantine better. I just hope he's doing okay deep down. We can't lose him. Love you Kells!
  • @annikamohn6068
    he's got this kind of scratchy voice that he can control so perfectly.. he raps, he sings, he has huge control over his voice.. there are so many different genres of music that he can do in addition to these things, he wrote so many good and strong lyrics that's real talent
  • @Trippy817
    I vibe so hard in this song whever I feel low Thanks mgk thanks for this masterpiece
  • @infini.tesimo
    This particular song always gets recommended to me at the right times when I'm experiencing a life existential moment of crisis and reminds me to not slip into depression and to keep pushing for meaning. If you're in a bad spot right now, just know it's not forever and there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Its so nice to see PVRIS getting love. They're such an incredible group and Lynn is an incredible vocalist.
  • @masonjames5473
    I love that mgk sampled Pvris, they’re such an underrated band, and their music is so breath taking, much love and respect to both of these amazing artists.
  • @you401
    Someone put this man back into quarantine!
  • @dezeraeply978
    I love MGK. Rap, rock whatever he wants to put out I’m in for the long haul. But I do have to say something about him just singing & nothing else is a whole other level. Cuts to the core. I remember listening to lead you on and that shit got me through some rough times. Glad to have artists stay true to themselves and just put out shit that they feel. Doesn’t matter if he’s rapping, rocking what have you. Glad to have musicians like this in the world.
  • This boiiiii MGK been goin nutz for the past few weeks .. I think the thing I respect the most about the music he's been releasing has been the fact that it seems personal and intimate .. and as a fan of music in general I can honestly say that is refreshing.. much respect MGK keep doin you
  • @sock4395
    The hurt on his face when he sings "such a mess in your presence" kills me every time. This has been out for an hour and I've watched this like 25 times
  • @sheriff7585
    At some point it got so dark. This song was inspirational ❤