Election, Calvinism, Predestination: Scripture vs. Calvinism

Published 2013-09-30
This video covers only the tip of the iceberg of Scriptural reasons why Calvinism, and Calvinism's version of Election and Predestination are completely unfounded, and even Satanic. No time is wasted pitting Arminianism against Calvinism. Scripture shows that both systems contain grave doctrinal error.
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  • @soloencristo1
    Thanks so much for your teaching. I am a "calvinist" I remained a calvinist so far after watching some of your videos. If I am wrong I ask the LORD to help me, if you are reading this, please also pray for that.
    I studied the scriptures when the LORD saved me for 2 years without knowing anything about western theology, later when I encountered the western world and theology, i understood that my understanding of the scriptures was close to what they call calvinism. So I will continue to pay attention to your videos, may the LORD help us all. Thanks.
  • @davidblack5811
    Oh my goodness, I've been looking for a teaching on this that corresponded with my beliefs. I was taught the calvanistic view but it never rested easy with me. Thank you so much for this.
  • @lynnewilley9464
    Praise God for you Kevin...not only do I refer to this video whilst Calvin leaning guys get all bent out of shape with me in comments on you tube...but each time I listen to this myself I pick up more scripture and my heart leaps with JOY that the truth is there in scripture over and over again...and thank you so much. Pray for those in bondage to be set free so they too can share the truth via scripture!
  • @rafaelpa314
    I'm having bible classes about doctrines from a Christian group in college, they presented Calvinist as biblical I was having trouble with some verses this video helped me a lot, thanks and God Bless
  • I love all the info here. Thanks for all the work you have placed into this and for sharing.
  • Very good video. One very significant and noticeable feature of calvinist preaching and writing is the constant use of analogy in lieu of Scripture to support their narrative. As you mentioned, brother, they will repeatedly use analogies such as the parallel 'railway' lines of freewill and election. Or dead men in morgues unable to 'choose'. Or doors with cadenceially different messages hung up on the inside and the outside. What their gullible listeners and readers don't seem able to realise is that these analogies are employed to characterise their doctrines but in now way to prove or explain them. One wonders whether or not calvinist writers or preachers do much in the way of thinking at all! Noticeable too is that when their thelogy is challenged, they never answer the challenge from Scripture, but use slanderous allegations to deflect the challenge such as calling their interlocuters 'pelagians', or ' works salvationists', or 'arminians'. If they really get stuck they resort to using the word 'paradox', and quoting Deut. 29v29 'the secret things belong unto God'. Or rather , misquoting it, because they change it's true meaning to the 'secret WILL of God'. Whereas we know from Scripture that God's will is not secret; it is His stated will that all men should believe and be saved.
  • @lynnewilley9464
    I love that Les Feldick is 24/7 streaming for when it's hard to always think on jerks online who are bully Calvinist's online toward us Bible Believers..so grateful also for you Kevin...I push your stuff toward those bullys and Leightons stuff to my saved friends hopefully theyseeit for they were saved and the church Pastor changed now and well u know the rest. For me myself I am too unable to sit ever enough to read and Les Feldick a old classes I adore for just a normal guy reading the Bible and helping understand timelines and Paul vs. Israel etc. So grateful for men like you guys who love the Lord and know He wants all to know the TRUTH and that HE NEEDS US TO KNOW Jesus died and rose again and for what? For those who don't know yet..or were deceived into thinking fruitlessly about election foreknowledge and not Jesus and the Gospel!
  • @joeikerd7813
    My brother, many thanks for dealing with all these subjects and passages-- I took down some pages of notes... feeling equipped to wade into conversations with Calvinist brothers where I was unsteady before. Deeply grateful for your work ! Do you dig into New Testament Greek? It would hugely strengthen your scripture discussions especially for finer points of grammar like prepositions
  • Great teacher! I love videos because of the clarity of your teaching.
  • @mont9380
    I THANK GOD!! for you explaining This my son is 22 in college and got off in calvinism and I am more and more believing that he will be deliverd from the lie and false doctrine. I know he is planning on seminary and believe he has a call on his life and he will have to see the truth about this lie... thank you !!!!!
  • Dear Sir,
    Thank you for this enlightening teaching. I always knew Calvinism was wrong, but did not have supporting evidence. You have educated me.

    Now, please help me understand Acts 13:48b (And as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed.)

    Thank you
  • @lavozfiel
    Great message! I scheduled it to be shared on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow. Thanks for posting this online.
  • i got caught up in the whole "predestination vs free will" dilemna for months, thank you for this video!
  • @livingwater7580
    I share this video with many calvinist
    this is a very clear and authoritative TEACHING. clear exegesis.
    God bless you
  • This is so thorough, thoughtful. This seems to take scripture, context and history into consideration. Not really a video for our gnostic friends, who don't seem to like common sense, but for those seeking Jesus. But who wants to be told they are not special above everyone else, specially for Jesus.. But the foundation is that we are all sinners, and that we all have the same offer to come to Jesus, the only truly special or elect one..I am only elect inside his election, and only once I have freely elected to receive his provision.. As I always say what is more likely if you truly have come face to face in the preached gospel with Jesus. That you would weep and howl in your sins, say depart from me, but reach out for the good news. Or that you would say, I am special and elect, how wonderful
  • @BogChild
    Thanks so much for sharing this "order of Salvation".  I have heard several Calvinistic sermons on Ephesians 1:1-12 without including verse 13. This boils my blood. Verse 13 is the heart and soul of the passage and has helped me tremendously in my understanding of why I am not a Calvinist. Verse 1-12 is speaking to the Jews.
    Ephesians 1:13 "And now you Gentiles have also heard the truth, the Good News that God saves you. And when you believed in Christ, he identified you as his own by giving you the Holy Spirit, whom he promised long ago.
    We left a church after serving for 24 yrs. over this very issue.
    I am eagerly awaiting other teaching sermons from you.
  • Hey Kevin thanks for this video. Again great Clarity on the Predestination Lie of Calvin. Just a thought for your up and coming Cornelius Principle vid. I always tell people about the General Revelation of God whch is God's first conversation with sinners below, and is clear in Psalm 19 where we actually find both General and Special Revelation.

    I believe that a proper evaluation of General Revelation was taking place among the Auca Indians whereby God sent Jim Elliot and 5 other missionaries to bring Jesus to these lost people. I don't know if you watched Tip of the Spear brother but this is the movie that was made about that event. Looking forward to the Cornelius Video. May the Lord continue his blessing on you, your family and the Sheep He has entrusted to you. Thank you also for your obvious Obedience and Passion to God's Word

    1 Timothy 4:14-16 (NKJV)
    Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.
  • @jamal_77646
    Also want to say thank you very much for this video . Very helpful and I was able to learn a lot. You went in depth a lot. Thank you very much and God bless you!
  • This is such an answer to prayer. I was being taught by calvinist and they made me think I was destined for hell and there was nothing I could do to change that. I began to hate God and view Him as pure evil and felt so horrible I wanted to end my life. But I didn't know how to reject what they were telling me or how get my sister to see how evil calvinist is. My mom prayer for me and my sister and thank the Lord I came across this video. Thank the Lord now I know the truth.