Most INSANE Military Technologies And Vehicles In The World

Published 2021-12-14
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Tune in for the most insane military technology and vehicles in the world.
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All Comments (21)
  • @sirxanthor
    The guided bullet idea came into being years before in a movie stared by Tom Selleck, called Runaway. The self guided bullets not only never missed, they exploded upon hitting their target. Interesting to know these actually came into being, at least they don't explode, yet.
  • The item about the none pneumatic tyre was brilliant, I am actually very surprised that this type of tyre or wheel has not got much further than this.
    I would imagine that the tyre companies are very much against it BUT possibly could get aboard if development continues as the amount of used tyres in the world now is unbelievable, and something that could totally beat punctures would be a world beater even with run flats currently used. Good documentary. Thanks for this.
  • @Panacea9
    The corner gun device was actually decent and made some guns more stable to shoot with. Even as a device to put the gun in and point straight it improved accuracy in a lot of hand guns.

    The tire that could conform was designed by someone who was there and didn't take a buyin of having his leg cut through the knee in order to release it to market.

    This stuff happens all the time there. It is currently run by sadists with power. A lot of decisions are not economically driven (to create fear and heirarchy). They realized that cutting through the knee isn't a good option and too much of a request it is not able to be fixed but they refused to change their request as a way to save face. They actually thought the product was good and would do well on the consumer market. The product was ready then and a lot more durable than regular tires.
  • Honestly I love watching these videos and all your content in general but I know a few of the things you have mentioned are already in military use and some are even publicly available like airless tires (mainly used on construction vehicles)
  • @blogusvox
    "It's 100x quieter than a helicopter and the military can't wait to get their hands on them. Because they have huge potential for missions involving medical evacuation, fire fighting, disaster response and humanitarian relief operations." Yeah, right. Those are the things the military is thinking when they see a quiet aircraft.
  • @stimguy
    We appreciate you compiling everything in a 30 minute video rather than a million parts like other people does.
  • I draw futuristic vehicles most with intimidating names however the giant hovercraft reminded me of a vehicle I created very recently know as the Aquatic Reptile. A large, mobile base that can travel on water and ground also while holding up to 10,000 personnel and over 500 super heavy armoured vehicles at a substantial speed for its weight. It was also loaded to the brim with other tech some of which real, some of which not such as Infrared, large auto cannons and 100 mm turrets, sonar systems, vehicle bays, emergency abandonment vehicles such as land, water and air vehicles and a large quantity of other tech I can’t be bothered to mention.

    Vehicle was originally built for a friend and for a small book project I’m working on called HELL FIRE.
  • @3lite_
    The tank bot? Nah... we turned it into a protected wetlands vehicle.... just a much smaller version. Allows us to cut out pathways through cat-tail swamps, etc. 4 of them. Also, they make "infrastructure" so to speak, for airboats
  • The "REX SPECS" could also in theory be used on Troops for Real time Combat Display to Command. Imagine being able to have on the ground Vision from the eyes of the Commander of each Unit. All they have to do is REMOVE the Little ears on the mask, and its fine... Even leave the Collar battery pack because it would REDUCE neck wounds for the Commanders as well.
  • ANY person who has military training knows, that if a banned weapon exists, it's potential to be used in FULL survival combat exits. It just depends on HOW grave the situation is. If you think survival is a no win situation and circumstances call for it, total denial of a position CAN result in called in friendly fire for example.
  • @civwar7955
    12:26 The Phasr was stopped at the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate and never fielded, instead opting for the Meyers mil-exempt "Glare LA-9/P" non-lethal visual disruptor.
    Built from the same research, a commercial compact police and security visual disruptor from Civilian Warfighter called the "Cerberus" is now available as well.
  • There's another mine clearing vehicle it uses chains that rapidly spin around to trigger mines it's also pretty good for demolition given the weight of the chains and how fast they're spinning they can take down buildings and pretty fast
  • @sirxanthor
    The most amazing are the ones you don't even know about that have not been declassified for civilian view. These weapons and vehicles we see and gape at in awe, are really cast offs each country shows off to give an impression of their military might. The ones that are worked on now, no one knows of, and most likely never will till something much better is designed.
  • I think the rocket launched mine clearing charges look like it could be used effectively against infantry fighting positions.

    It probably couldn’t be scaled down
    to be human fired, but a Bradley, or a Humvee mount could possibly be done.

    A flank strike on a trench line is unlikely, but two or three Bradleys firing in an X pattern would make for a very bad day methinks.
  • I have no idea what conversion tool you were using @1:30, but to be clear:

    >>> 56" * 2.54 = 142.24 cm
    >>> 18" * 2.54 = 45.72 cm
    >>> 8" * 2.54 = 20.32 cm
  • @badgimp4577
    Back in the 90's there was a show called "Beyond 2000". They featured advanced civilian tech as well as military. A lot of the things in this video where on it meaning these tech's are all 20+ years old.
  • An automated helicopter. The U.S. Navy experimented with the concept in the 1960s. On its first test flight it performed almost flawlessly, except that when the controller ordered it to return it flew out to sea and headed for the horizon, and was never seen again.
  • @NickAndriadze
    Different countries' military advancements in a nutshell:
    Sweden: Years of development later, We made a highly advanced stealth tank that can transform into a moose!
    Germany: We made a portable road dispenser truck!
    Russia: B I G !