Training W/ 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Published 2022-07-15
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All Comments (21)
  • @greyghost4471
    “As long as you can lift it, it’s light weight” - Ronnie Coleman, new words to live by

    edit: some of y’all saying ronnie’s crippled now and can’t lift shit, put some respect on his name he was a fucking gladiator he knew what he was doing, he was the greatest ever for a reason and was willing to pay the price
  • It brings tears to my eyes seeing Ronnie Coleman like this. But can't miss the smile, the simplicity and the spirit. He is a true hero.
  • Ronnie Coleman is such an amazing human being, just a great person.
  • @leviathan_3431
    I would legit start crying and hug him, my biggest inspiration the king ronnie coleman, imagine the amount of adrenaline your body will release if the king himself starts hyping you up😭
  • @zortlak
    Seriously for anyone who is interested in body building, working out with Coleman or Arnold would easily be one of the best day of your life. Amazing video man
  • Ronnie is the best guy to have in the gym when ur struggling
  • @tobber5254
    Roonie Coleman is what i DEFINETELY would call a "TRUE SIGMA"! 💪💪
  • “As long as you can lift it it’s lite ”
    This man is an absolute legend 💪
  • 9:52 this is literally UNLIMITED motivation. Ronny screaming YEAAAH BUDDY behind your back! Every lifters dream
  • @bigboy7122
    "As long as you can lift it, its light". That is inspirational right there.
  • @FinalCurse
    Ronnie's personality is amazing man. he's so natural the way he interacts with people.
  • @gabe2928
    I love how willing Ronnie still is to still throw out his iconic catchphrases. He seems so genuinely positive. “Are you my long lost dad?” “Might be” like he never hesitated to play along. Such a legend
  • @xdredding6288
    The fact that ronnie still has so much muscle mass for his age is incredible he was is and always will be a legend
  • @ryan29550
    It's amazing seeing Ronnie still in full spirit. Even if his weights are actually lightweights, his confidence and charisma are still all there. He is the reason I say "lightweight baby" before and during my sets. The OG
  • Ronnie: All Custom Tailored Babyy
    Jesse: Aight We Boutta Giveaway Your Special Tailored Vest
    Ronnie: Wait whaeeeeeeeeeyy Buddy!!
  • @krazyninja954
    We all imagine Ronnie’s voice in our head during our hardest workout.
    “Yeah buddy” ”lightweight”
    You have the real Ronnie standing behind you. That’s another level of motivation.