SEC Shorts - Alabama and Tennessee are forced to take offensive tutoring

Published 2023-09-18
It was a rough weekend for the Vols and Tide as they both struggled mightily on offense. The SEC isn't going to let two of their highest profile teams perform like that without stepping in so they both are sent to offensive tutoring classes in hopes that they can get things turned around.

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  • @TheBigByrd7
    "Gotta save this last time out for a bench clearing brawl" LMAO
  • @dyllanwilson2
    As Bama fan, I didn't expect a video about us not knowing how to play offense for at least another 5 years...its so sad, but so true.
  • @imhooks
    Progression as an Alabama fan:

    Saturday: Hope things will look different this week
    Sunday: Despair and anger
    Monday: SEC Shorts will make it better
  • @gmajor1273
    As a Bama fan I find this episode of SEC Shorts, insulting, true, and friggin hilarious 😂😂😂
  • @JWex-jy7sk
    “Call a timeout!”
    “I CAN’T! Only got one left and I gotta save it for the bench clearing brawl with the game already out of reach!” 😂😂😂
  • @johnruff6175
    Kirk is getting bolder in his endings. Love to see them giving him some room for his own comedy.
  • As a TN fan, I am use to us not being so great for the past 20 years.
    Alabama fans are in new territory.
  • So…from now on I’m blaming swamp voodoo on every loss to Florida at Florida.
    It’s the only logical explanation
  • @jodyferrell
    I’m a Tennessee fan and I still laughed. 😂
  • @gingers6231
    I only look forward to Mondays because of SEC Shorts. Y'all are awesome!!
  • @chuggernaut23
    Well Alabama may not be super fun to watch this season, but at least I can count on SEC shorts to cheer me up!!
  • @Ultra-BLV
    “Is this an AP level course?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • @jarezbear9502
    As a Notre Dame fan it's so true. We celebrated Alabama hiring Tommy Reese.
  • Weird feeling as a Bama Fan being the joke of these two weeks in row 🤔
  • "Those grounds keepers work hard to paint those end zones and I'm not going to have my guys scuff them up with their little endzone dances" got me ROFL
  • @mattdally3271
    Truth Bombs every Monday disguised as satire. Love SEC shorts!!!!