Furry: First Contact

Published 2022-01-23

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  • CreepsMcPasta
    I now know more about this universe than actual 40k lore
  • Benjamin Lambert
    The Marine's speech goes so hard. This started as a shitpost, but it's unironically some of the best writing and acting I've ever seen for the Space Marines. Please keep making whatever gives you an excuse to write and act in such a compelling way.
  • Lala Land
    “He was granted the emperor’s peace. And peace it was.” Such an underestimated line 👌
  • Gavin H.
    For anyone who didn't understand The planet being named "pulchra" is Latin for "pretty or beautiful" and the name of the disease being "lupis mortem" is also Latin, which simply translates to "wolf death". I like the attention to detail.
  • Dongerino
    I just love how the Names of the Brothers are all parasite-medicines for dogs or producers of these
  • BakPak Gaming
    “No brother…we must help it die.”

    The coolest line Ive ever heard
  • Peter Mann
    The fact that all the space marines are named after anti parasitic medicines is such an amazing detail
  • Fuzzy Tech
    The ending scene with the Imperial warships carrying out a Orbital Bombardment Exterminatus was awesome! I love how this series has been following the "Great Crusade".
    "Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand know that you have no right to let them live."
  • Slippytrippy
    "This world has broken from reailty: and now must pass from it" damn this writing is great.
    This is no longer a parody. The emperor himself would unironically react the exact same way
  • Kostenlose Kalkus
    3:17 this song and the speech gave me chills. It could be said by a marine in a 40K situation about a planet that has fallen into Chaos, especially slanesh's realm.
  • Akaruii
    The moment I understood what the mountain was I instantly felt bad for the brothers who lost their lives to it
  • Sir Dankleberry
    "Am I to understand we are to leave Pulchra to die?" "No Brother... we must help it die." Fucking chills.
  • Chunkymoon
    I would pay any amount for a Furry Apocalypse movie
  • Aegis
    I just realized most of the names have to do with pet parasite drugs

    Bravecto is a dog flea treatment
    Virbac is a brand for anti-tick treatments
    Veloxa is a dog De-worming treatment
    Bayer is also a dog de-wormer
    Ivermectin is another pet parasite drug.
  • Tip Turkey
    that end speech sequence was absolutely incredible, i got goosebumps, the voice acting, dialogue and the music is honestly better than anything Games Workshop themselves have produced
  • Mr.Nightmare956
    I love how the planet was originally called “pulchra” which means beautiful in Latin, and “lupis mortem” also meaning wolf and death in latin, demonstrating the change from a planet of beauty, to a purple mass of death, corruption, and fur. This is such an intriguing universe. Consider me hooked.
  • This is even funnier when you remember that there's actually a Slaanesh daemon world in 40k lore that's just a huge fat guy sleeping in a fetal position.
  • "Am I to understand we must leave this world to die!?"
    "No brother, we must help it die."
    The most 40k thing I've ever heard