Published 2022-08-16

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  • ZestyBullet
    The reason why it could be considered deep is cause they do a parody of a Black Templar, or Space Marine, speech at the end. It's very well written and is very much in the grim dark gothic tone of Warhammer 40k. If that tone interests you, I recommend you take a look at Bricky's Every Warhammer 40k Faction Explained. It's very long, however.

    It should also be noted this is more of a Black Templar (Space Marine) invasion into Warhammer 40k. It's sad it got censored so hard (no pun intended). It's a hilarious lil' interaction between Black Templar Space Marines of Warhammer 40k and some... Well furries lmao.
  • FieldTrip21
    That's not a robot, it's a Space Marine from WH40K.
    The whole thing is a parody of WH40K with furries rather than chaos.
  • A Cursed Man
    Brother thank for your sacrifice i shall avenge you
  • If you don't believe me don't do it
    But i was one of them that actually survived those things
    Mental issues a limb amputated and mobility problems
    At least we made a great attack and got some advance in the field
  • Genot Gt
    WH40K has a game is WH40K Frebled It is like a gaint mech
  • me you
    Cod zombies players on five
  • Genot Gt
    The robot is a spese merin
  • Trash Panda
    The emperor protects, furries bear the taint of chaos......