Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals | NFL Full Game

Published 2016-12-27

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    25:34 G. Russell 1-Yard TD Run

    34:16 Kurt Warner 1-yard TD Pass to B. Patrick

    48:31 Big Ben Picked Off by K. Dansby

    55:15 James Harrison 100-yard Pick Six

    1:40:52 Kurt Warner 1-yard TD Pass to L. Fitzgerald

    1:55:36 Cardinals Force Safety on Holding Penalty

    1:59:08 Kurt Warner 64-yard TD Pass to L. Fitzgerald

    2:02:21 Start of Big Ben Game Winning Drive

    2:06:53 Holmes 40-yard Catch and Run

    2:09:22 Big Ben 6-yard TD Pass to S. Holmes

    2:17:34 L. Woodley Sack Strip to Seal Win
  • Chase Dowell
    The fact that Fitz is the only WR left from this game is amazing.
  • Owen Murphy
    Even as a non steelers fan, this is one of the greatest super bowls of all time
  • Evan Hullinger
    The final game of John Madden’s broadcasting career. What a way for him to go out then on a game like this.

    RIP John Madden
  • John Bruce
    That 100 yard interception returned for a touchdown was the greatest play in Super Bowl history by James Harrison, not to mention that throw to the back of the end zone was the best pass of Ben Roethlisberger's career.
  • Brian K.
    A decade later, still my favorite Super Bowl, and one of the best in history imo
  • Huge thank you to John Madden, who will eternally remain the defining voice of football. May he rest in peace.
  • wraith1117
    Iv'e seen this game a hundred times, and it still keeps me on the edge of my seat. One of the best Superbowls ever.
  • guyco10
    One of THE greatest SBs of all time, and also one of the greatest Steeler teams as well.
  • Dylan Martin
    Was a senior in high school when my Steelers won this, and I was living in Arizona. Went to school the next day and got booed all over the place in my Polamalu jersey 😂😂
  • Lance
    I feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald. The man played his heart out
  • Mannnnnnn. One of the best Super Bowls of all time. Both teams deserved it that year. Both went on magical runs. Kurt balled out like an OG. Big Ben showed so much heart. Hard hitting gritty football teams. We’ll never see as much of a physical super bowl game again bc of all the new rules. Great football great memory.
  • The James Harrison interception return was the best play in the Super Bowl ever
  • Gabriel
    i feel bad for fitz , deserves a ring for all he's done in the league .
  • Mark Gill
    Still the BEST Superbowl to this day!
  • Felix Culpa
    Neither one of these teams are my team... but this is by far one of the best Super Bowls ever... At a minimum it's in my Top 3, so much heart and competition from both sides, from all three phases of both sides actually... If you saw the last quarter of this game in a movie, you'd think it was unrealistic a/f....
  • BTJ
    Since this was his last called game as an announcer i came to this video to say THANK YOU. Thank you john madden for changing all of our lives. From hearing your voice in the booth on Sunday’s to playing your video games since i was a little boy …you have left an impact on not only me but to everyone who loves the game of football. You will be missed…RIP JOHN MADDEN 🕊
  • Jordan Shumaker
    As a Steeler Fan, I could listen to Al Michaels shout "CAUGHT FOR A TOUCHDOWN" over and over again. Chills every time.
  • DDDog
    Greatest game in NFL history with some of the best plays to ever be in the game.
  • prodigalsongod
    the performances by fitz and holmes are absolutely legendary