I Found Minecraft's RAREST Mobs in 24 Hours!

Published 2024-03-02
I Trapped the RAREST MOBS in Minecraft Hardcore in 24 hours!

This hardcore minecraft video included the blue axalotl, pink sheep and many more awesome rare mobs! Hope you guys enjoy :)

✳️ Watch from the start! ✳️
   • A Perfect START in Minecraft Hardcore!  

Huge thanks to @GamerZyt and @Guilf for being in my vid!

Disclaimer: this is 24 hours of in-game, non-AFK time. So I must be actively playing the game for it to count within the 24 hours. (this was really the only way I could do this challenge as the mobs were so rare).


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Video idea inspired by @Beppojoe

This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by aCookieGod, Sandiction and Wadzee. This Minecraft Hardcore series is full of Minecraft challenges and sometimes I will make a Hardcore Minecraft Full Movie. This is similar to 100 days but better 😎

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